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Being a ballet dancer is often the dream of young girls across the world, so it is no surprise that whether your child is a dancer or not having a ballet themed birthday party is becoming more and more popular.

Ballet is often seen as pretty, pink and full or fun for younger birthdays, think pink cakes, pretty fluffy tutu’s and ballet themed games for the guests. But it can also be interpreted for tweens, teens and older parties as a modern ballet party, edgy and inspiring.


Hosting a Ballet Birthday Party

The great thing about a ballet themed birthday party is that it can be held pretty much anywhere, at home, in the garden or in a local hall depending on the number of guests you are inviting. As activities can range from ballet themed games to an introductory ballet lesson, and you may be providing food and drinks whatever your venue you can pick appropriate activities to match. You can ask your party guests to come dressed as ballerinas or come in a t-shirt and leggings and you provide a pretty tutu to wear for the event.

Activities at a Ballet Birthday Party

Normal party games can be given a party theme, like pin the tutu on the ballerina (rather than the tail on the donkey) Pass the ballet shoe (instead of pass the parcel) or musical ballerinas (rather than musical statues) where the guests have to do a ballet pose rather than simply freeze when the music stops.

Getting a party planner, older child or friend who goes to ballet lessons to give a short and fun introductory ballet lesson is a fun idea for guests who know how to dance and for those that don’t. For older ballet parties, perhaps going to see a ballet and then having a ballet themed sleepover would work well.

Outdoor fun can be had with hiding ballet related items and then having a ‘ballet hunt’ with the guest who finds the most items getting a prize, for older guests learning how to ties their hair in a ballet bun or putting stage make-up on could be a great activity.

Ballet crafts are available in many of the larger craft superstores and online so having a few of them on a table ready to create is a great idea, along with a range of ballet colouring in sheets and/or word searches depending on the age range of your party guests.

Party Food for a Ballet Theme

Great party food is an essential element to having a perfect birthday party and having a ballet theme lest you create some memorable items on your ballet birthday buffet table. Having pink coloured food would work great for younger birthday parties, as would biscuits or cupcakes decorated with ballet motifs, like ballet shoes or tutu’s. Pink Jellies and star shaped sandwiches continue the ballet theme, and for older children cake pops, veggie sticks and popping candy are great ideas.

A ballet birthday theme gives you and your child so much scope to let their imaginations run to create a fun birthday party for them and all their friends. This theme can be as flexible as time, money and venue space allows and will ensure all the guests have a great time and as ballet teachers ourselves we can’t think of a better theme!