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The Associate Program was started by the Royal Ballet School in order to augment the current training and to introduce students to the System of Training used by it. The program allows people to train in regional centres and have the same chances to perform with the Royal Ballet, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and other ballet companies as well as progressing through the school. There are four levels currently on offer through the program.

Junior Associates

The Junior Associates program takes in boys and girls that are aged eight to ten years. There is no specific experience required for it although parents are recommended to discuss it with their current dance tutor. Classes include warm-up, barre work, preparation for pirouettes and port de bras.

The aim of this level is to introduce pupils the System of Training used by the Royal Ballet School and to offer an enhanced ballet training with the idea of progressing to vocational education. It also inspires children by allowing them to dance with students of a similar age and creates lifelong friendships.

Mid Associates

The Mid Associates level is for children aged eleven to thirteen who want to take Royal Ballet School classes alongside their other ballet training. Children need to have a demonstrable commitment to ballet and the ability to travel to the regional centre on Saturday mornings. Classes include pre-pointe work strengthening, in addition, the junior associate elements.

The classes give the children a developed understanding of the System of Training with a view to move onto full-time vocational education. All associates attend one pre-general rehearsal at the Covent Garden Royal Opera House as well as workshops and some other productions.

Senior Associates

The Senior Associates level is for children aged fourteen and fifteen who want to add the Royal Ballet School lessons to their existing ballet classes. As well as a demonstrable commitment to ballet, girls must be en pointe and all students must be able to travel to either London or Birmingham each Saturday. There is a specialist boys class held in London.

Classes will include warm-up, barre work, preparation for pirouettes, port de bras, allegro and pointe work for the girls. It is aimed at children who want to go into vocational education full time and allows them to work with kids of their age group with a shared passion for ballet.

Advanced Associates

The final tier in the Associates program is the Advanced Associates, aimed at children aged sixteen and seventeen. In addition to the requirements for Senior Associates, they must be able to travel to Convent Garden each Saturday to the Royal Ballet School. Their classes will cover all of the above and add repertoire.

Dance Lessons North Tyneside

Working through the Royal Ballet School Associates Program is an excellent way for children to learn the very highest standard of ballet and to place themselves perfectly for full time vocational education and a career in dance. It does require commitment both from the child and the parent and a deep desire to succeed. For ballet lessons in North Tyneside, either for fun or for development into a ballet career visit our website for information and a list of lessons in our Ballet School in New York.