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We don’t know anyone who doesn’t really like dancing – and yes we mean you too – the ones who say they don’t like to dance but then we catch them tapping their feet along to the beat! (You know who you are!)

So as dance lovers we thought we would take a look at some of the dance opportunities across North Tyneside. Dance does not have to be formal lessons it can be enjoyed in a variety of situations with as much participation as you feel comfortable with.

Keeping Fit with Dance

Dance inspired exercise classes have become increasingly popular with those wanting to keep fit. The rise of classes like Zumba and Clubbercise show that doing dance moves makes keeping fit easier as it is just so much fun. Find dance themed exercise classes across North Tyneside and have more fun while you exercise.

North Tyneside Dance Schools

There are a number of Dance Schools in North Tyneside, and we know we are blowing our own trumpet, but we think that Jade Harrison School of Dance is the best! So if you are looking to have formal dance lessons then a class is always a good place to start, you can learn pretty much anything from traditional ballet to line dancing in a class taught by an experienced dance teacher. There are also other types of classes that blend different skills like Musical Theatre Classes or blends dance styles like Acro-Dance which combines acrobatics and ballet.

Dance classes are available for both children and adults across North Tyneside and there are a great many styles available, from RAD Ballet Classes to Pole Dancing!

Watching Dance in North Tyneside

Fortunately, North Tyneside has a number of places where you can go to watch dance, from local dance school recitals, to county wide dance festivals which involve children and adults with a range of experience and dance skills performing. The Whitley Bay Playhouse often hosts performances from the Moscow Ballet giving an opportunity to see a professional ballet company perform traditional and modern ballet’s in a local theatre. They also have modern and Broadway style shows from time to time.

Opportunities for Dance Careers

For those young people for whom dance is a passion which they would like to turn into a career, there are a great number of opportunities in North Tyneside to prepare for a dance career. The first step to a career in dance is most obviously joining a dance school and working your way through exams to ensure you have a great base to build on. Many dance schools in North Tyneside have links with a range of professional and amateur dance opportunities both locally and across the UK. Students from Jade Harrison School of Dance have had the opportunity to successfully audition with organisations like Elmhurst Associates, Royal Ballet Associates, English Youth Ballet and Regional Youth Ballet along with more local, touring and amateur productions.

Golden Oldies & Tea Dances

For the retired who are looking to enjoy both dancing and the social aspect of group activity then a tea dance is most definitely the way to go. Age UK often offers this type of dance along with other community programs across North Tyneside. Relaxed rules (none) apply and you can dance to your own pace on the floor to the golden tunes of yesteryear!