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Improving is something dancers can be obsessed with. You want to see consistent change towards a more technically and artistically proficient end. It can truly overwhelm you if you don’t see all the small changes you achieve along the way.

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Here are some tips that every dancer can do to improve their dancing skills that has nothing to do with practicing and technique!

1. Shift Your Mindset

Ask yourself the honest question: What energy am I bringing into the studio? If you’re working through a class, do you ask yourself what went well in each combination? Most dancers are just looking for what’s wrong or needs to be fixed. This is an exhausting approach!

Train yourself to find what went well in each combination and at the end of each class. Strengthen your belief that your goals are achievable and then back those goals up with work and action. This will help you develop a growth mindset. 

2. Fuel with Intention

The way you fuel your body will impact how you feel, dance, and recover. This has to do with your relationship to food  and your actual food choices. Working with dancers for the last 7 years, it’s become abundantly clear to me that dancers must prioritize and improve their food relationship before making sports nutrition–focused food adjustments.

3. Strive Towards Balance

Your mind should not be on dancing and nothing but dancing all the time. Cultivate outside interests so you can have diverse experiences and make connections with non-dancers.

Seek clarity as to what balance actually means to you. It is different for each and every one of us. For some dancers, the nonstop schedule helps you manage stress or anxiety.

Self-reflecting and trusting in yourself is essential if you want to improve more quickly in dance.

4. Find Support

Too many dancers think they need to tough it out through struggles in dance. You might think, I just have to work harder or push harder in class. That will help me improve. This can be completely counterproductive, and sometimes it’s only with an outside perspective that you can really see and embrace that reality.

Improve Your Dancing Skills

Quickly improving your dancing by shifting the focus is going to allow you to move forward in dance with more ease. The dance teachers at Jade Harrison School of Dance are focussed on helping each of their students have the best experience learning to dance and ensuring they have the support to become the best dancers that they can be.

For more information about our dance classes in North Tyneside visit our website and choose the dance class that is right for you.