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There are so many reasons to join a dance class and love dancing so much we can’t understand anyone who would need convincing of joining but if you do here are our top 5 reasons why joining a dance class is the best thing you will do!

1. Learning to take instruction

All dance classes should be fun and have a relaxed happy atmosphere but that does not mean that there is no discipline, in fact a great way for younger children to start to concentrate on given instruction is in their first dance classes, often this starts even before they start school. Following a teacher, joining in with their class mates, following simple steps in repetition is a great introduction to taking instruction and concentration.

2. Fun & Friendship

Dance classes can grow long term friendships, not only with the children but also with the parents. Learning together, helping and encouraging each other is a great way to foster new friendships which can last a long time. It is also a great place to find new friends that are not necessarily at the same school or even the same age to help start to build a dynamic friendship group. Dancing is also one of the most fun activities that you can do!

3. Confidence Boost

Dancing naturally boosts a child confidence, from learning a new routine and getting praise when it is done perfectly, to passing an exam that they have been practicing hard for encourages confidence in their ability to start and finish a task themselves and do it successfully. If they go on to perform on a stage and learn to cope with the nerves that come with that, this also builds and boosts confidence levels.

4. Fit & Flexible

Not many people who attend dance class want to be professional dancers, and of those that do, few manage to achieve the status of prima ballerina – but that does not matter. Attending a dance class especially as a child is great for their fitness, increases their flexibility and their strength enabling them to be good at other sports and activities.

5. Extra Accreditation

Taking examinations in dance is a very positive experience as dancers learn very quickly that a little extra practice goes a long way in their results and teaches respect and discipline for an examination process, perfect preparation for academic exams later in life. RAD examinations are also recognised as equivalent to GCSE’s & A-Levels and can be used as UCAS points!

Whatever your reason for joining a class – and just wanting to learn to boogie is absolutely acceptable click here for our current timetable we would love to see you!