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A career in the performing arts often starts at a local dance school like Jade Harrison School of dance! These careers can be exciting and rewarding and there are some styles of dance that will help you get that first foot in the door (or on the stage!).

It is always worth learning more than one style of dance as this will make you a more versatile performer in the long run. So here are a few of the styles you should consider learning of you are looking for a performing arts future. There are so many styles to learn and choose from, and it’s always worth ensuring you know the basics.

Ballet Dancing

Classic and elegant, ballet may seem like the obvious choice. It has a wide range of applications, and the learning process can help you to become more agile and flexible. This dance form is often the starting point for every other type of dance and so should always form the basis of your training.

Acrobatic Arts

With performers like Cirque Du Soleil becoming more and more popular leaning an acrobatic style of dance will give you the confidence you need to apply for many different performing arts jobs. The gymnastics learned from this form of dance may also come in handy in the future – especially as many musicals incorporate gymnastic dance routines into their performances.

Modern Dancing

Modern dance incorporates several different styles, all of which can be combined or used separately and are well worth learning. Styles such as jazz and the general ‘Broadway’ style are included in this definition. There is fluidity, and a lot of hand movement and general exaggerated body language. Sometimes this can lead to sexual, provocative dancing (depending on the performance). This requires a great deal of defined hip movement that can be clearly seen and read.

Tap Dancing

Tap dancing is often seen as comical and amusing. However, it can also be very serious and complex, especially in a musical sense. Types of tap can vary from jazz to funk, depending on the type of performance that is being given.

It uses the beat of the music to create a steady and catchy rhythm, allowing the dancer to tap along with it. In the newer funk variation, hip hop has been combined with it to create a more youthful and modern feel. The genre can only keep developing to meet with the times.

Future Performing Art Stars

Whether you are planning a future career on the stage or simply want to learn dancing to give you a great hobby, a way to exercise or relax, or to learn new skills dance lessons with the experienced teachers at Jade Harrison School of dance will make you feel welcome and help you on your way to meet your goals and dreams.