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Ballet Lessons Newcastle How Ballet Can Improve Fitness Levels Blog Image

If you are looking for a way to improve fitness and have an interest in doing something more than just visiting the gym, then ballet can be the perfect solution.  You will learn an amazing skill with the ability to dance but you can also improve your fitness in a number of different ways.

Improve Overall Strength

The first thing you’ll notice if you take up ballet is that you use every muscle in your body.  From the little ones in your feet to big muscles in your back or glutes, all of them are called into action when you learn to dance.  Rising onto the balls of the feet or toes, a classic ballet technique, is one example of a movement that really pushes those muscles as doing things like sustaining high leg extensions.

Ballet for Fitness

Not only that but the constant repetition of these movements helps to build strong muscles.  There are some areas that tend not to get as much work - arms are one example and things like hamstrings are often a problem for professional dancers.  But that’s when other types of exercise can be used to cover those slightly underused areas and improve overall strength.

Better Cardio Endurance

If you attend a ballet class, the typical thing to see is people going through short, high-energy bursts of activity that often leaves them a little breathless.  Then slower, more purposeful movements as the dancer learn to correct or adjust their movements with the teacher.  This pattern of activity is great for cardiovascular fitness.

Top dancers will also use intense cardio activities such as running, swimming or certain gym equipment to give them a further boost.  But for someone learning dance on a more casual basis, the exercise it offers will improve cardio endurance.

Help with Balance, Agility, & Flexibility

In general, ballet will improve your balance and coordination, agility, and flexibility just as a natural part of learning to dance.  The combinations of quick turns, fast footwork and the different moves required in the dances ensure that these areas are naturally improved and important for your ability to successfully perform.

Boost Your Overall Fitness Levels

Even the most casual ballet learner will see improvements to their overall fitness levels when they take up the dance.  One 45-minute class a week can help to make some improvements to everything from balance to muscle strength and something more substantial such as 2-3 classes a week can see massive improvements.

Not only that but you’ll gain the confidence in yourself to use the improvements you’ve made to your fitness.  You’ll feel better in yourself, more able to handle physical demands and therefore you’ll look for new ways to push yourself and improve your fitness further.