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Starting ballet class is an exciting time for both parent and child, but what do you need to know about starting a dance class and is there anything you can do to prepare?

Ballet Lessons North Tyneside

Jade Harrison School of Dance is an excellent dance school located in North Tyneside with students from across the county. Located in purpose-built dance studio with its own small theatre, this is the perfect place for little dancers to start to learn their first ballet steps.

Experienced Royal Academy of Dance qualified teachers and a great attitude to getting the most out of their students and known for having a lot of fun along the way! This is a great local ballet school with a big heart and great success that your child will love to join!

Starting Ballet Lessons

Here are a few things that you might want to ask if your child is just starting their ballet lessons.

What Clothes Should I Wear? – Most dance classes need something easy to move in, and for ballet lessons leotard and tights will be required. For their first lesson as long as they attend in something they can move in they will enjoy the class. Some classes will have regulation uniforms and you will be advised what you need to buy, Jade Harrison School of Dance has an onsite dance shop so you can get or order everything you need right from the dance school.

What Shoes Should I Wear? -  Ballet shoes will be needed for ballet lessons; these are specialist shoes that will help you little one practice all the steps they need to do to learn to dance. Ballet shoes are soft shoes that have a canvas or leather top and suede sole normally in a pink or black colour. You will get advice from the dance teachers about how to size and tie ballet shoes when you buy them.

What do I need to Bring? – As long as they are dressed comfortably for their lessons, they really don’t need to bring anything else. Ensure that if they have long hair, it is tied back and any jewellery is removed before they go in, and they are ready to go. Having a drink for them when they come out is a good idea but not essential and bring some excitement for their first class and they will have a great time.

Are There any Policies I need to Know? – All the policies and welcome letter for Jade Harrison School of Dance are on the website, at the bottom of the registration form you submitted to join. If you need any more information about anything on those policies – please just ask.

Positivity & Fun – The only other thing you can do to prepare your child for their first dance lesson is to talk about it with positivity and fun, so they are excited and not apprehensive before they arrive. Nerves are normal but quickly dissipate as soon as they enter the class.