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Musical theatre is something we love, and something that we normally enjoy at Christmas, whether you are able to get to the theatre this year or simply want to watch some great musicals at home with your family we have made a quick list of some of the best Christmas Musicals.

Musical Theatre North Tyneside

There’s no shortage of great Christmas traditions out there from the tree to the food to the gifts. To that list, you can definitely add Christmas songs and Christmas films. Plus there’s another great category of Christmas themed entertainment - the great Christmas musicals. Here are some of our favourites including musicals as well as films that have been made into musicals and even books given the musical treatment!

White Christmas – A Classic! White Christmas is the musical version of the 1954 film that premiered in 2000. It has a UK tour in 2006-2011 as well as featuring on Broadway and in the West End. The musical follows the movie closely so if you love the film, you’ll enjoy the musical version too.

A Christmas Carol - Another Christmas classic, the musical based on Charles Dickens’ novel of the same name is a recent addition to the great Christmas Musicals list, only being launched in 1994. It features music by Alan Menken.

Scrooge - There’s no getting away from Scrooge at Christmas and this musical embraces the character that originally came from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This musical is an adaption of a 1970 musical film which starred Albert Finney.

Here’s Love - Here’s Love is based on Miracle on 34th Street, the classic Christmas film. Although it only ran for a short time, it was set between Thanksgiving and Christmas and included the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Meet Me in St Louis - The classic movie was also transformed into a stage production in the late 1980s. It included the classic ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ that introduced the world to Judy Garland.

Rent - Rent is a rock musical that tells the story of young artists who are trying to create a life in New York’s East Village while in the shadow of HIV and AIDS. it takes place on Christmas Eve and is inspired by the opera La Boheme created by Giocomo Puccini.

She Loves Me - This is a musical made from a film that was made from a play and was later remade in the Tom Hanks film You’ve Got Mail. However, this version from the 1960s tells the story of two anonymous pen pals who fall in love only to discover they actually work with each other during the store’s Christmas rush.

Promises Promises - This musical comedy from the late 1960s featured music by Burt Bacharach and was based on a film from 1960 called The Apartment. It tells the classic romantic story of two people involved with others but who realise they actually love each other, set over Christmas.

Songs for a New World - This musical theatre was created by Jason Robert Brown and is somewhere between a song cycle and a musical, all brought together with a theme. It has become a favourite with local theatres and colleges to put on as a Christmas act.

Annie - Everyone knows the story of the little orphan girl but the musical from 1977 is a great Christmas watch as it ends with a Christmas celebration and songs.