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When kids take up dance classes, the main aim is to learn to dance.  But there are also lots of other things that they will learn while they are attending dance class, skills and abilities that can help them in other ways throughout life.  Here are a few examples.

Improved patience

Let’s face it, kids generally aren’t the most patient group!  They get a little better as they get older but most of them think whatever they want, or need should happen immediately.  One of the top benefits from dance classes can be improved patience just as a natural part of dancing.

There’s a lot of waiting involved with dancing.  Waiting to go on stage, waiting to freestyle or demonstrate a move.  Waiting to play your part in the production and patiently, quietly, staying in the background until then.  So, alongside the ability to dance, classes will also improve a child’s patience.

Better confidence

Perhaps the biggest additional benefit from dance classes is confidence.  Children taking dance learn to be more self-confident, to understand their bodies better and what they can do.  They learn how to express themselves and to offer a physical outlet for emotions.

All of this helps them to improve their confidence, something they can carry into adulthood.

Be more sociable with others

Some kids are naturally very sociable and like to be around others but not everyone is like this.  For the less outgoing kids, dance class can help improve their social skills and also help them to work with others as part of pairs or groups.  Even more confident kids can learn to better work with others to achieve a goal.

Improved physical condition

Being fitter is one of the top things that parents see as a benefit of dancing and this is very true.

It also helps children to better understand their bodies and what they can do.  They will learn to move to music, to see how far they can push themselves and to improve their strength, balance and coordination.

Increase activity levels

Tied in with an improved physical condition is the benefit that they will increase their activity levels, leading to a healthier lifestyle.  Kids love their screen time, playing games and chatting with their friends.

When this is balanced with a very physical activity such as dance classes, they can get a healthy balance that avoids problems such as obesity and boosts their energy levels in good ways.

Make lifelong friends

Dance classes often lead to friendships that can outlast the interest in dance and stay with people for a lifetime.  While many people may stop dance when they reach a certain age, the people they have made friends with remain a big part of their life much longer.

Dancing benefits

Dance classes for children are about more than learning a particular dance or style – it is about a series of benefits for their life, their health and mental wellbeing that will put them in good condition to become adults.