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Artist have always been inspired by the beautiful forms of ballet, its beauty and its grace so it is no wonder that there are so many different and beautiful statues and statuettes created to celebrate dance, and in particular ballet. As dance teachers in North Tyneside we love to see what artwork is created from the dances we love - from public statues to statues created for us to have in our homes, we think they are beautiful and here are some of our favourites:

Dance Statues in London

If you have ever wandered around London, then you will know that there are lots of great statues and artwork on public display throughout the capital and the wonderful thing is that many of them are based on dance and ballet. Possibly one of the most famous dance statues in London is of Anna Pavlova gilded in gold on top of the Victoria Palace Theatre, another Pavlova dance statue by Tom Merrifield is called Dragonfly, one of her most celebrated solos) is located at Ivy house and shows her as a dragonfly – just lovely! Other notable London dance statues include Jete by Enzo Plazzotta which captures male dancer David Wall in full flight on the Millbank and Young Dancer by the same artist which is in place almost opposite the Bow Street entrance to The Royal Opera House and appropriately only a few steps from the Royal Ballet School.

Degas and Ballet Sculpture

One of the most famous ballet sculptures in the world has got to be ‘Petite danseuse de quatorze ans’ (Little dancer ages fourteen) by the famous artist Degas. It is two thirds real life size and was modelled from a Belgian ballet student called Marie van Gothem. It is unusual as it has a real tutu, real ballet slippers and a wig of real hair.

Ceramic Ballet Figures

Figures, statues and figurines of dancers and in particular ballerinas have always been popular both for those who dance and those who don’t. Ballet figures do tend to be very graceful and easy on the eye, so they fit in with many people’s décor. Here are some of our favourite small figurines to have in your own home:

NAO Ballet Figures

This is a well-known handmade porcelain brand made in Spain and linked closely with Lladro. They have an entire range within their catalogue called Shall We Dance? And this features a lovely series of both young and very young ballerinas in either relaxed ballet poses or poses with purpose. They include figures called Pensive Ballet, Dreamy ballet along with more tongue in cheek statues of very young dancers with head in hands called ‘Ready for my Debut’.

Lladro Performing Art Figurines

A well-known handmade porcelain figure brand devotes much time and effort into creating beautiful dance figures that really shine. From pointed toe to modern dance, they capture the movement and grace of dance very well in their ever-evolving collection.

Dance, especially ballet, has always inspired art and art has inspired dance as they are two threads that link together so well it is no wonder there is so much art and in particular figurines and statues that depict the beautiful art that is ballet.