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One of the great things about recent times in the dance world is the amazing new dancers that are coming through and performing in the biggest shows on the biggest stages. But that’s not all – there are also lots of talented choreographers who are also showing their abilities. Added to that, a good number of them are female. If choreography is your thing, here are five up and coming female choreographers we love.

Emma Portner

Emma Portner is a professional dancer and choreographer from Ontario, Canada. She started dancing at the age of three and soon spent her summers with the National Ballet of Canada. She gained fame in 2015 when she choreographed the Justin Bieber song ‘Life is Worth Living’ and then went on to work with Netflix, Vogue and even Apple. In 2017, she quit teaching to focus on being a choreographer and dancer. She then became the youngest to choreograph a West End musical.

Gianna Reisen

Despite only being in her early 20s, Gianna Reisen’s story is already the classic highs and lows of the dance world. At the age of 17 in her final year with the School of American Ballet, she had the chance to choreograph the fall gala – the youngest person to ever do this.

But the lows were around the former when she didn’t get the apprenticeship with the company. Instead of giving up, she continued to work and has since created two ballets for NVCB. She has also worked on the LA Dance Project and the LADP.

Dasha Schwartz

Dasha Schwartz has had a unique start to her career as a choreographer. Struggling to get collaborators in New York, she decided to start the Cardboard Stage where artists could connect and create something unique that would appeal to a wider audience.

The project continues to work to bring together everyone from dancers and musicians to fashion designers and has worked on projects such as the New York Fashion Week. Dasha also works to curate dance films and events as well as being a choreographer.

Micaela Taylor

Micaela Taylor is a Los Angeles based dancer who started with Ate9 before moving to BODYTRAFFIC. While working with both, she was asked to choreograph other dancers, her style an interesting blend of classical dance training and hip hop. She then had a multi-month residency with Ford Theatres among others.

Micaela has now founded her own company called the TL Collective, already noted as one of the best new dance companies in the city.

Brittney Canda

Brittney Canda is a Montreal based dancer and choreographer. She has worked with Kyra Jean Green on projects such as Trip The Light Fantastic as well as interdisciplinary experiences including with Sheenan Ko, the electronic musician. Other credits include musicians such as The Barr Brothers and Calum Graham.

Ones to watch

These are just five of the many amazing female choreographers currently working around the world and are worth watching for their talents and as inspiration. With varied paths to success, they show that talent will shine through.