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With its magical storylines and fantastic costumes, there’s something perfect about going to see a ballet at Christmas. From the dark, snowy weather outside to the magic of Christmas, the season is one of the most popular for people to attend the ballet. So, if you are going this holiday season, what are the best ballets to catch?

The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker has to be one of the favourites for Christmas ballets because it is set at Christmas time. The story comes from the fairy tale by ETA Hoffman and takes place on Christmas Eve in Germany. From the view of a child, it sees the battle between good and evil and includes dances from around the world including China, Spain and Russia.


Cinderella tends to be one of the most popular fairy tale ballet acts and with good reason. The classic tale about the poor girl being chosen by the prince and all of her struggles translates perfectly to a ballet – and perfectly for Christmas. This ballet was created by S. Prokofiev and with music by Tchaikovsky.

The Sleeping Beauty

Not many children (or adults) won’t know the story of Princess Aurora and her prince who awakens her from a curse with a kiss. This is the kind of story that makes a perfect ballet and that’s why Tchaikovsky created it. The master of ballet created this classic performance with its amazing music, and it is a perfect one to see around Christmas.

Swan Lake

Swan Lake is another Christmas favourite and has seen increased popularity since the release of the film Black Swan. The love story features floating melodies by Tchaikovsky and sounds more like a movie score than something created back in the 19th century. The story features a princess cursed to live as a swan and her prince who must swear everlasting love to release her.

Romeo and Juliet

The ballet created from the classic Shakespeare story may not seem the most seasonal but is always popular around Christmas. A lot of it comes from the magical music featured in the ballet – some of which has even been used on TV adverts. The ballet was created by S. Prokofiev and follows the ups and downs of the lovers.

Hansel & Gretel

All kids know to watch out for that candy house in the woods – and the child-eating old lady inside it! The classic fairy-tale makes for a perfect ballet, with its fantasy world and clever children. In recent times, there have even been reinterpretations especially for children including by the Deutsche Staatsballett.


This ballet is often one that the very best prima ballerinas aim to take the leading role, showing off not only their dancing skills but their acting abilities too. The story was one to first see the use of on pointe, revolutionising ballet forever. It was created by composed Adolphe Adam and told the story of young women who died before marriage and return as ghosts, dancing with young men until they die.