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Why Ballet Should Be Your Core Dance Style

Dance Teacher North Shields Why Ballet Should Be Your Core Dance Style Blog Thumbnail

Dance is an art form that allows individuals to express themselves through movement and grace. Among the various styles we see today, ballet stands out as a fundamental discipline that forms the core of many a dancer's style.

Ballet is a highly disciplined dance form that originated in the 15th century Italian Renaissance courts. It combines precise movements, strength, flexibility and artistry to create a beautiful and expressive performance.

While ballet may seem traditional and classical, its techniques and principles lay a solid foundation for dancers of all styles from tap and dance to the Argentine tango.

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The Best Dance Shows Available Right Now

dance teacher north shields The Best Dance Shows Available Right Now blog thumbnail

Are you missing dance? Us, too. Although we fully endorse dancing at home as much as possible, sometimes you just need to get inspired by other people dancing. We’ve compiled a list of the best dance shows for you to watch until we can meet in person again – so you can get your dance fix safely.

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Diet, Nutrition & Dancing

Dance School North Shields Diet, Nutrition & Dancing Blog Thumbnail

Aspiring ballet dancers dedicate years of their lives to honing their craft – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

There’s no doubt also that maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for optimising performance and reaching that full potential.

Ballet is an art form that demands precision, strength and flexibility. To meet these physical demands, you quickly need to recognize the importance of nourishing your body with a well-rounded diet.

Like top athletes, a dancer's diet has a direct impact on their ability to execute complex movements, maintain energy levels for long periods and recover effectively.

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How Old do You Need to be to Start Dance Lessons?

ballet lessons newcastle How Old do You Need to be to Start Dance Lessons blog thumbnail

Because there are so many benefits to children taking dance lessons, parents often want to get them into the lessons as soon as possible.  But different classes will have age restrictions on and there are good reasons for these. So, what is the right age to start dance lessons?

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Boys and Ballet

Dance School Wallsend Boys and Ballet Blog Thumbnail

Ballet dancing has long been associated with grace, beauty, and poise. While traditionally dominated by female dancers, especially in the younger age groups, more boys are giving it a go, defying gender traditions and showcasing their incredible talent and athleticism.

Organising bodies in recent years have gone to greater length to create classes that are aimed at boys and making sure these are more readily available in local areas.

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How Developing Musical Ability Can Help Your Dancing

ballet school newcastle How Developing Musical Ability Can Help Your Dancing Blog Thumbnail

Music and dance have always shared a deep connection. Rhythm and movement complement each other perfectly and allow us to create more powerful artistic expressions.

It is commonly accepted that, by learning to play and read music, dancers can improve their movement quality and become more versatile in their approach to choreographing.

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Great Tips on Building Body Confidence as a Dancer

dance school wallsend Great Tips on Building Body Confidence as a Dancer blog thumbnail

Your body can do incredible things – as a dancer, you’ll know this more than anyone. But being a dancer can bring out some insecurities and preparing for a performance can exacerbate that. You might feel uncomfortable with everybody’s eyes on you – even if they are concentrating on your talent, not what you look like.

There are ways to combat this insecurity. Here’s a few ideas for building up your body confidence:

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Starting Ballet in Your Teens? Here are Some Top Tips

Ballet School North Shields Starting Ballet in Your Teens Here are Some Top Tips Blog Thumbnail

Are you passionate about ballet but didn't have the opportunity to start training when you were much younger?

The truth is, it’s never too late to embark on a dance journey as exciting and rewarding as this. Starting in your teens may present some unique challenges, but with the right mindset and approach, you can make significant progress and enjoy the art form to the fullest.

Here are our top tips to get started and make a success of it.

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Can Dance Skills be Useful in Other Sports?

Dance School Newcastle Can Dance Skills be Useful in Other Sports Blog Thumbnail

Dance requires discipline, precision and an extraordinary level of physicality. Professionals spend years honing their technique, developing strength, balance and grace.

While dance may be seen primarily as a performing art, however, its influence extends beyond the stage. If you love your sport or are a professional athlete, learning a few dance skills can have some amazing benefits.

In short, dance serves as an excellent foundation for athleticism.

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The Best Dance Books to Read In 2020

dance school newcastle The Best Dance Books to Read In 2020 blog thumbnail

Who doesn’t love a book under the Christmas tree? Or just as something to enjoy during a quiet weekend. Add to that books about dance and you have the perfect match. So, what are some of the best books on dance for your 2020 reading list?

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How to Perfect Complex Dance Footwork

Dancewear North Shields How to Perfect Complex Dance Footwork Blog Thumbnail

Learning to dance is a joy, and as you progress the footwork becomes more complicated and you will be expected to complete the steps quickly and move easily between combinations. Practice, is of course the best and only way to keep progressing but we also have some other tips to help you master complex dance footwork.

Complex Dance Steps Tips

Taking regular dance lessons and practicing at home will help you with your technique, here are some of the best ways to progress quickly with complicated steps.

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Are There Different Types of Ballet?

ballet lessons north shields Are There Different Types of Ballet blog thumbnail

Ballet is one of the many types of dance but within the category there are also different types of ballet. Some are defined by certain dances, by the eras they come from or by particular things featured within the dance. Here are some of the different types of ballet and what makes them unique.

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How to Be a Better Dancer

Dance School North Shields How to Be a Better Dancer Blog Thumbnail

We love to dance, and helping our students grow in skill and love for dance is what we do best at Jade Harrison School of Dance. We offer a range of dance classes in North Tyneside and we strive to support our students to be the best dancers they can be.

Dance Lessons North Shields

Becoming a better dancer requires dedication, practice, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. Here are some tips to help you improve your dancing skills.

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The Royals & Their Relationship with Dancing

dance clothes newcastle The Royals & Their Relationship with Dancing blog thumbnail

If you are parents to a young boy and you want them to try ballet as a great after school activity, then there’s a well-known role model for them to follow – Prince George. At five years old, the young prince is trying dancing and according to dad Prince William, is already loving it. In fact, the royal family has quite a history with dancing in different kinds!

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Ballet's That Have Made Waves and Why

dance teacher wallsend Ballet's That Have Made Waves and Why blog thumbnail

When we talk about ballet, it is often the most famous productions that get the most conversation times. They are iconic and for good reason. But there are also ballets that have shocked, inspired and redefined what people think of as ballet. Here let’s look at what these are and what made them so revolutionary.

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What are TikTok Dances?

ballet school north shields What are TikTok Dances Blog Thumbnail

We love to dance at Jade Harrison School of Dance, and we love TikTok dances! One of our most fun classes is based on the popular dances you see on the social media channel TikTok. It is a fun and modern class where we regularly learn new routines and have a lot of fun doing it!

Join our Tik Tok Dance Classes today

Why we Love TikTok Dances

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Creepy Ballets for Halloween

dance school newcastle Creepy Ballets for Halloween blog thumbnail

We love ballet and that the stories that it tells through dance are reflective of love, loss and life so as Halloween is coming, we wanted to see which of our favourite ballets are a little bit creepy and why! Ballets are often a lot darker than you think, as they are based on folk stories, or fairy tales which are often very dark and deep, despite their fluffier presentation. It is this way with ballet, below the white tutu’s and pretty flowers can be very serious and emotional stories that when danced with love and passion can move us to tears, especially when they are on the dark side.

This is a quick list of ballets that are on the darker side of dance, and we have to say we love a black tutu!

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Dance Improvement Tips that Every Dancer Can Do

Dance School North Tyneside Dance Improvement Tips that Every Dancer Can Do Blog Thumbnail

Improving is something dancers can be obsessed with. You want to see consistent change towards a more technically and artistically proficient end. It can truly overwhelm you if you don’t see all the small changes you achieve along the way.

North Tyneside Dance School

Here are some tips that every dancer can do to improve their dancing skills that has nothing to do with practicing and technique!

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The Benefits of Acro Dance

dance school wallsend Acro Dance Blog thumbnail

Choosing a style of dance that is suitable for you child can be a little daunting. Fortunately, there are a lot of different styles to choose from at Jade Harrison School of Dance. One of the most popular dance classes at the moment is Acro Dance and it is not hard to understand why so many parents are choosing this for their child.

Acro dance classes offer a wide array of benefits, including increasing strength, flexibility, and coordination in students, here are some reasons why we love this class:

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Learning How to Stretch Can Improve Your Dancing

Dance School North Shields Learning How to Stretch Can Improve Your Dancing Blog Thumbnail

The experienced dance teachers at jade Harrison School of Dance know and understand the importance of stretching and preparing the body for dancing. Here are some ways that learning to stretch properly and not over or under stretching can really support your dancing goals.

Dance School North Shields

We all dream of having long, never-ending extensions. To développé our leg and have it reach the side of our head, or slide easily into the splits without a second thought. While having beautiful lines and flexible tricks is something we all aspire towards, the ability to emulate and create these shapes isn’t the same for everybody. Our genetic makeup determines how much flexibility we have, along with the types of exercises and stretches we are doing.

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An Overview of the Royal Academy of Dance

dance teacher wallsend An Overview of the Royal Academy of Dance blog thumbnail

As a dance school we are very proud to be affiliated with, and teach the syllabus of, the most respected and well-known ballet education organisation anywhere.

The Royal Academy of Dance or the RAD is one of the most important dance education organisations in the world. They have a series of exams that are seen as setting standards for classic ballet around the world and are one of the most important organisations for anyone interest in dance. But what are their exams and how do children prepare for them?

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Why Dance is a Great Way to Keep Fit

Dance Teacher North Shields Why Dance is a Great Way to Keep Fit Blog Thumbnail

Everyone loves to dance, and so many of us do it even when we are not realising we are! At Jade Harrison School of Dance, we not only love to dance, but we know it is a great way to keep fit too!

Dance Lessons North Shields

Dancing has always been popular, with most of us having some sort of dance lessons in our lives, or simply dancing by ourselves in the kitchen! Everyone loves to dance and it is good for you! Today, dancing has become hugely popular, with shows such as Strictly Come Dancing more and more people are coming to realise that dancing is actually one of the best ways to keep fit.

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Unusual Ballet Facts

dance school wallsend Unusual Ballet Facts blog thumbnail

Dance has been around since the dawn of time and we love it, in all its forms. Sophisticated, elegant, and when done well looking totally effortless, Ballet is one of the world’s oldest forms of organised dancing. With such a rich history and there being so many different interpretations of ballet across the world it is no wonder there are some interesting things to learn about. As dance teachers in North Tyneside we love a good dance fact or two, and the more unusual the better!

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How to Have a Dance Career

Dance School North Shields How to Have a Dance Career Blog Thumbnail

The dance profession can be a major career choice for many people from across the world. Becoming a professional dancer can be one of the hardest jobs to get into, despite being one of the most desired professions to follow.

Dance as a Career

Many people do make it into the big leagues and manage to secure regular work within musical and theatre productions, and they are perfectly happy with their role in the chorus line, even if they never get any individual recognition for their work.

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Great Ballets to See for Younger Ballerinas

ballet lessons newcastle Great Ballets to See for Younger Ballerinas blog thumbnail

Ballet is our first love and introducing ballet to our young students is a real joy and privilege. For those children who love their ballet lessons and practice at home to get the perfect ballet positions, there can be nothing more thrilling than going to see a ballet performance at the theatre.

Live ballet is immersive and fascinating, but not all ballets can capture the attention of younger dancers. While they may enjoy ballet, sitting for 2 hours, asked to be quiet and follow complicated choreography may be too much of an ask – so here are a few different ballets that are perfect for the budding - but young - ballet dancer.

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Dancer's Tips for Utilizing the Floor Efficiently

Ballet School North Shields Dancer's Tips for Utilizing the Floor Efficiently Blog Thumbnail

Depending on the type of dancing that you gravitate to, using the floor efficiently may mean different things. If you’re a ballet dancer, for instance, the use of the floor may entail not just how you move across space but how you pull away or push from the ground. If your dancing is more percussive you may at once scrape and dig into the floor rather than sweep across it.

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The Benefits of a Dance Warm-up

dancewear north shields The Benefits of a Dance Warm-up blog thumbnail

Just like taking part in a football match or any other sport, dancing requires you to do a quick warm up before you get started. Yeah it might be annoying especially when you’re pumped up and ready to dance but stretching and warming up exercises are important, and you shouldn't skip them.

You might be surprised by this if it’s your first dance lesson but it’s essential to ensuring you get the best dance experience possible. Every tutor will have their own preferred warm up routines and they will often vary so people don’t get to bored repeating the same movements.

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Great Tips for Better Balance

Dance Teacher North Shields Great Tips for Better Balance Blog Thumbnail

Good balance is an essential trait for any dancer. Whether you’re practising en pointe or you need to maintain a difficult position for longer, it can often seem that other people have a far better sense of balance than you.

Dance School North Tyneside

It’s easier, of course, if you have visual feedback and can see yourself in a mirror but most of the time you have to depend on your natural ability, especially when you are doing a show.

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What to Have in Your Ballet Bag

dance school newcastle What to Have in Your Ballet Bag blog thumbnail

For a ballet dancer, the ballet bag never leaves their side and goes to every dance related event with them. That’s because it contains their most important items but also a range of secondary items that might just be needed. So what should you have in your ballet bag?

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How Props Can Enhance Your Dance

Ballet Lessons Newcastle How Props Can Enhance Your Dance Blog Thumbnail

It’s hard enough learning a dance routine and perfecting the moves but if you have to use a prop during a performance it can be even more challenging.

Dance School North Tyneside

The truth is that props are often used to enhance a routine whether it’s Gene Kelly dancing with an Umbrella in Singin’ in the Rain or a ballet dancer performing on stage with a ribbon or scarf. Most dance routines tell a story, and the chances are you’ll need to factor in using a prop at some point.

Here are our top tips.

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The Benefits of Learning with a RAD Teacher

ballet lessons newcastle RAD Teacher blog thumbnail

When you want your child to learn dance or they have a passion to take it up, you want to be certain that the teaching they receive is of the highest quality. One of the ways to ensure this is to look at the qualifications of the teacher. Here in the UK, the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the top dance teacher programs and have just been judged as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

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How to Combat Stage Fright

Dance Teacher Wallsend How to Combat Stage Fright Blog Thumbnail

After all the practice and effort, you have put into learning and perfecting your dance routine, there comes a time when you are ready to perform in front of an audience. As you stand in the wings, you can feel the steadily growing nerves and before you know it, you have stage fright!

Stage fright is not unusual, and some famous people have suffered from it. Mikhail Baryshnikov, probably one of the greatest dancers of them all, admitted that stage fright has plagued him throughout his career.

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Do You Want to join an Adult Ballet Class?

Adult Ballet Lessons Newcastle Blog thumbnail

It is many people's childhood dream to become a ballet dancer, although only a select few ever go on to be proficient enough to make a professional career of it. However, this should never prevent you from taking up ballet as an adult – it is a great way to get into shape, and can certainly help you to become more flexible, and you can really enjoy your time spent with other like-minded people.

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How to Improve Your Turnouts

Ballet School North Shields How to Improve Your Turnouts Blog Thumbnail

Many dancers, especially when they are first starting, think that they have average or even terrible turnout. It can be dispiriting in the first instance but with practice and using the approaches below, you should be able to improve turnouts considerably.

All it takes is dedication, time and patience.

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How the Performing Arts Teaches Children How to Perform Under Pressure

dance school newcastle How the Performing Arts Teaches Children How to Perform Under Pressure blog thumbnail

– And Why this is a Good Skill to Have

Performing arts is essentially two parts – the learning preparation and practice, and then the performance itself. This may be a ballet production, a musical performance or even a contest with prizes involved. Whatever the case, this second component puts pressure on children, but this isn’t a bad thing when it is taught in the right way. And this is something that performing arts teachers excel at.

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Does Going En Pointe Hurt?

Dance School North Shields Does Going En Pointe Hurt Blog Thumbnail

There is probably a no more defining image in ballet than dancers going en pointe. It’s something that is an integral part of dancing and it’s one of the first things that newbies want to learn to do.

To the naked eye, it can seem like a difficult almost magical and even painful dance move. Novices often worry that is going to hurt especially when they are in ballet shoes. The good news is that those shoes hold a little secret.

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Ballet is Always in Fashion

ballet lessons newcastle Ballet is Always in Fashion Blog Thumbail

There has always been a connection between the world of ballet and the world of fashion. Many designers look to ballet for inspiration and ideas while more recently, ballet has looked to designers to create costumes for the dance. This has seen designers such as Riccardo Tisci and Miuccia Prada creating ballet costumes for some of the big ballet companies around the world.

In some cases, these collaborations have led to some very notable creations!

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Great Tips for Longer Lines When You Dance

Ballet School Newcastle Great Tips for Longer Lines When You Dance Blog Thumbnail

One of the more difficult techniques to learn in dance is how to achieve more natural, longer lines. It can often seem like you’re trying to reach the impossible but there are several things you can do to improve your form, even if you are an absolute beginner.

Ballet School North Shields

The first tip is to stop considering the pursuit of longer lines as an aesthetic endeavour. It is, in essence, about the ability to stretch effortlessly and the elasticity of your body. What we mean is that it’s more a physical goal and it’s about inhabiting a space effortlessly rather than how you look in the mirror.

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Why Opera Houses and Ballet are a Match Made in Heaven

ballet school newcastle Why Opera Houses and Ballet are a Match Made in Heaven blog thumbnail

It may seem that hosting ballet performances in an opera house is a tradition but there’s more to it than that. These are buildings specifically designed to accent the amazing talents of the people on stage in a host of clever ways. Here are some of the best examples of opera houses from around the world and why they are a match made in heaven for ballet.

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6 Habits to Be a Better Dancer

Ballet Lessons North Shields 6 Habits to Be a Better Dancer Blog Thumbnail

What a great dancer looks like and how they perform will depend on several factors. You may have dreams of being the next Anna Pavlova, you might well have some limitations but you’re most prominent goal is likely to improve your dancing.

Dance School North Tyneside

For some, development and growth as a dancer happen quickly, for others more slowly. Here are the mindsets and habits that you need to cultivate if you want to become a better dancer.

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What and When is World Ballet Day?

dance school wallsend What and When is World Ballet Day blog thumbnail

Special days that celebrate many things are a big part of the annual calendar and it stands to reason that ballet has one too. It is called World Ballet Day and it happens every year at the beginning of October. But what does the day celebrate and what happens?

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Tips on Becoming a More Musical Dancer

Dance School Newcastle Tips on Becoming a More Musical Dancer Blog Thumbnail

Musicality is often a difficult concept to define but it is extremely important if you want to be a great dancer. Anyone can learn a dance move or two but it’s how they interpret the music they are performing that makes the difference.

It can be tempting to say that musicality is something you are born with, like being a great sportsman or leader. Just as with individual moves and techniques, from ballet to the Samba, becoming a musical dancer can be learned, however.

Here are our top tips for getting there.

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Are There any Dancer Friendly Foods?

dance school wallsend Are There any Dancer Friendly Foods blog thumbnail

People often think that dancers must hardly eat anything to stay so thin and in shape. But this is very much not the case! A good dancer knows they need to eat a balanced diet with the right foods in it to give them the energy and stamina they need. So what are the most dancer-friendly foods and tips for solid eating habits?

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Are There Different Types of Ballet?

Dance School North East Are There Different Types of Ballet Blog Thumbnail

At Jade Harrison School of Dance in North Tyneside, we love ballet. It is the foundation of our dance school but if you thought all ballet was the same, then think again!  Just like acting and other arts, there are variations within a theme and while some parts may be the same, there are many distinct differences between them all.

Ballet School North Tyneside

First of all, there are 3 ballet styles: classical, neoclassical, and contemporary. On top of this, there are 6 techniques or methods (similar to the Stanislavski or Meisner methods in acting). How you learn is just as important as the style of ballet that you intend to focus on.

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Difficult Dance Steps in Ballet

ballet lessons newcastle Difficult Dance Steps in Ballet  blog thumbnail

Ballet is at the heart of everything we do at Jade Harrison School of Dance. It takes a lot of time, training and effort to become a ballet dancer, and it is known as probably the most difficult of dance styles to master. The discipline, practice and skill it takes to complete some of the ballet steps take dedication but once learned they are beautiful to watch.

Here are some of the most difficult ballet steps to master:

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How to Develop Better Plies

Dance School North Shields How to Develop Better Plies Blog Thumbnail

The plie is an integral part of many ballet dance moves and isn’t just for visual effect. It is used to reduce the shock on the body and lead to dynamic jumps safely and more fluidly. As experienced and expert ballet teachers in North Tyneside we love to share our love of ballet with our students and in this blog.

As with any dance move, practice makes perfect but there are certain ways in which you can improve your form and develop better plies over time. Here’s our guide.

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Inspiring Male Dancers: Some of the Best and Why We Love Them

Dancewear Newcastle Inspiring Male Dancers Some of the Best and Why We Love Them blog thumbnail

Ballet is normally seen as a mostly female activity, especially for younger people. Attracting more boys and men to this form of dance has always been more of a challenge. There are, however, plenty of good role models out there that may just inspire the next generation of Nureyev’s.

Everyone likes to have a role model so here are just a few guys who have introduced dance into their lives and never looked back:

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What is the Ballet Core Fashion Trend?

Dance Teacher Wallsend What is the Ballet Core Fashion Trend Blog Thumbnail

TikTok has given us many things, some good and some bad. One thing it does focus on extensively is dance and fashion trends. One of these is the ballet core fashion trend. Inspired by ballet it’s about capturing femininity in a unique way. As ballet teachers we love the fact that ballet core is trending as it is what we wear on a regular basis!

Here we look at what the ballet core fashion trend is and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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How Science is Supporting Ballet Dancers

ballet lessons newcastle How Science is Supporting Ballet Dancers blog thumbnail

Anyone who follows ballet knows that it requires a high level of fitness as well as great co-ordination. The range of injuries that professional dancers suffer from nowadays can compete with any high intensity sport.

And just as with sport, sustaining an injury can have a huge impact on the career and future of even the fittest dancer, this is why professional ballet companies are employing the services of sports scientist to create training sessions that support the art of ballet specifically and reduce the chance of injuries.

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How Ballet Teachers Support Self Confidence

Ballet School North Shields How Ballet Teachers Support Self Confidence Blog Thumbnail

Ballet is a great discipline to learn, for many reasons, but one of the most overlooked reasons, is the way it can increase a student’s self-confidence. Great ballet teachers like the team at Jade Harrison School of Dance in North Shields, are in a perfect position to support not only great ballet achievements but increased self-confidence too.

Ballet Teacher North Shields

A good ballet teacher will not only teach you the art of dancing, but they will also teach you how to gain more confidence. Self-confidence is a very important trait when it comes to dancing, and this is evident because a lack of self-confidence will lead to poor or mediocre performance. In fact, some of the world's best ballet dancers advocate that self-confidence is an integral part of learning ballet.

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Why Kids Love Cheerleading Lessons

dancewear north east Why Kids Love Cheerleading Lessons blog thumbnail

Cheerleading is an activity that has become really popular in the UK. There are professional teams around the UK which have even won international tournaments, such as the 2018 ICU international cheerleading championships. So why do kids love cheerleading lessons so much?

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How to Prepare for a Dance Performance

Dance School Wallsend How to Prepare for a Dance Performance Blog Thumbnail

Getting on stage and showing the audience the results of weeks and months of hard work learning a new dance or routine is great for ballet student’s confidence and progression.

Ballet Lessons North Shields

Dance performances or dance exams bring together everything ballet students have learned and can help build confidence and stage skills. It is also an opportunity to have a new experience with their family and friends.

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Why Good Ballet Technique is So Important

ballet lessons newcastle Why Good Ballet Technique is So Important blog thumbnail

When you start learning ballet, it may seem that there’s such a lot on the technique side and not so much on the dancing, music and the fun stuff. But there are good reasons for that. So let’s look at why good ballet technique is so important.

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Express Yourself - Getting Great Facial Expressions When You Dance

Ballet School North Shields Express Yourself - Getting Great Facial Expressions When You Dance Blog Thumbnail

There are some fundamentals of dance that are always on top of the list to learn and to continue to work on. Things like the best use of feet, legs and arms, the lines the body creates, these are at the heart of any style of dance. But one area that can often be overlooked is the face. Facial expressions when you dance are a massive part of your technique but what can you do to manage them?

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All About Pointe Shoes

ballet school Newcastle All About Pointe Shoes Blog thumbnail

There’s two things that say ‘ballet’ like nothing else – one is the tutu and the other are pointe shoes. These special shoes look delicate and dainty but these specially designed and created shoes are what keeps ballerinas on the tips of their toes and dance gracefully across the stage.

So to honour the work of the pointe shoe, here’s a guide to the basics of it.

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How to Prepare your Child for their First Dance Class

Ballet School Newcastle How to Prepare your Child for their First Dance Class Blog Thumbnail

There’s something both thrilling and a little terrifying about the moment when you realise you have signed your child up for the first dance class and it is coming around! What do you need to do? How do you prepare your child so they are going to have the best possible time and maybe start a new activity that will be with them for years? Here are our tips to help you.

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Crossing Dance with Fashion

ballet lessons Newcastle Crossing Dance with Fashion blog thumbnail

There’s often a bit of resistance from the world of high fashion when it comes to creating clothing for dancers. Alexander McQueen was one example who always said he didn’t want to become the ‘costume department’ by working on creating outfits for dance – but even he broke his rule for the 2009 production Eonnagata.

In fact, there is a strong case for crossing dance with fashion and that the two are forever linked.

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A List of Ballet Terms You Need to Know

 ballet school newcastle A List of Ballet Terms You Need to Know blog thumbnail

Ballet is a dance that has its own language, a series of terms and descriptions that have come from different languages and have their own special meaning. To understand ballet and to enjoy it, it is important to learn some of these terms and what they mean in the dance.

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How do Some Tik Tok Dances Go Viral?

Dance Teacher North Shields How do Some Tik Tok Dances Go Viral Blog Thumbnail

The idea of ‘going viral’ is something that social media has brought to our lives, and it isn’t always a positive thing!  But in the case of amateur choreographers and the dance moves they create for TikTok, going viral has given them opportunities that they may never have had before the platform existed. But why do some dances go viral and become such big phenomena?

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What is a Ballet Company? (And Which are the Best?)

dance school newcastle What is a Ballet Company blog thumbnail

If you take an interest in ballet, you will quickly run across the term ‘ballet company’. In fact, some of the most famous performances around the world are put on by a particular ballet company. But what does the term really mean, and which are the best around the world?

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Tips for Developing your Developpe

Dance School Wallsend Tips for Developing your Developpe Blog Thumbnail

One of the trickier things as a dancer is to use the greater flexibility that you develop when you are dancing. In particular, the developpe is one area where the stretching you do, doesn’t always equal getting your legs higher for this.

So, what can you do to develop your developpe more effectively?

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Great Ballet Composers

dancewear north shields Great Ballet Composers blog thumbnail

When we talk about the ‘best’ or the ‘greatest’ for anything we are always talking about our opinions. With ballet composers, however, there are some that stand out from the crowd, regardless of your taste or preferences.

While ballet can be danced to pretty much any music there are some classic composers that stand the test of time.

Here’s our list of those composers we are sure will always be classified as great ballet composers.

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Fun Ideas for a Ballet Birthday Party

Dance School North Shields Fun Ideas for a Ballet Birthday Party blog thumbnail

Being a ballet dancer is often the dream of young girls across the world, so it is no surprise that whether your child is a dancer or not having a ballet themed birthday party is becoming more and more popular.

Ballet is often seen as pretty, pink and full or fun for younger birthdays, think pink cakes, pretty fluffy tutu’s and ballet themed games for the guests. But it can also be interpreted for tweens, teens and older parties as a modern ballet party, edgy and inspiring.

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Great Dance Styles to Learn for a Performing Arts Career

Dance School North Shields Great Dance Styles to Learn for a Performing Arts Career Blog Thumbnail

A career in the performing arts often starts at a local dance school like Jade Harrison School of dance! These careers can be exciting and rewarding and there are some styles of dance that will help you get that first foot in the door (or on the stage!).

It is always worth learning more than one style of dance as this will make you a more versatile performer in the long run. So here are a few of the styles you should consider learning of you are looking for a performing arts future. There are so many styles to learn and choose from, and it’s always worth ensuring you know the basics.

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Traditional Dances Across the World

Dance School Newcastle Traditional Dances Across the World blog thumbnail

If there’s one thing that people from all parts of the world share, it is a love of dance and music. Many dance styles started as a traditional cultural dance and this has led to an incredible number of different styles of dance from around the globe.

As ballet teachers in North Tyneside we are constantly inspired by dance styles from across the world so here is a quick list of some traditional dances we know and love:

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How to Have Perfect Ballet Hands and Arms

dance school newcastle How to Have Perfect Ballet Hands and Arms blog thumbnail

When you study ballet, one of the most important things is your attention to detail. Every little movement, gesture and angle of your body is part of the story and has a purpose. There is also precedent for everything, so you need to learn the technical elements to ensure you look the part.

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Tips on Creating a Lightness in Your Dancing

Ballet Lesons North Shields Tips on Creating a Lightness in Your Dancing Blog Thumbnail

If there’s one thing that often eludes dancers when it comes to terms used to describe their dance, it’s ‘lightness’.  How do you make yourself lighter?  Gravity seems to make this impossible!  But there are ways to make yourself lighter and breezier when dancing that has nothing to do with defying gravity.

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What is World Tutu Day?

Dancewear Newcastle World Tutu Day blog thumbnail

If there’s one way to know that something has ‘made it’ in this world, it is when it gets its own celebratory day! And World Tutu Day has arrived! It is a celebration of the classic ballerina outfit normally held on February 2nd, it is a celebration of more than just the dress but of the whole world of ballet, its history and place in modern society.

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Why We Love Commercial Street Dance Lessons

dance school wallsend street dance blog thumbnail

Commercial street dance is one of those styles that you might recognise without actually knowing the name. Back in 2011, when an episode of So You Think You Can Dance drew ‘commercial’ out of the that for the week’s dance style, there was some confusion as to what this even was.

Now we love commercial dance and lots of people have even taken commercial street dance lessons – here’s why:

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A Quick History of the Tutu

Ballet Lessons Newcastle A Quick History of the Tutu Blog Thumbnail

One of the most iconic elements of the ballet dancer’s ensemble is the tutu. This distinctive ballet costume paired with ballet shoes is one of the things that come to mind for many when they think about ballet.

But where did it come from and how did it come to be the standard for ballet dancers to wear?

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10 Romantic Dances from the Movies

dancewear newcastle Romantic Dances from the Movies blog thumbnail

Dancing can be so romantic – that’s why we have a first dance at a wedding where the new couple take to the floor together. The movies are also filled with examples of romantic, memorable dances that we all secretly dream of recreating in our own way. Or just to watch, armed with a tissue!

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching here are 10 of our favourites:

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How To Care for Tired Ballet Feet

Dance School North Shields How To Care for Tired Ballet Feet Blog Thumbnail

When you take up ballet, there’s one thing you can guarantee - you’ll get tired feet at some point!  In fact, taking care of your feet is one of the most important things you can do as a ballet dancer, whether you are doing it for fun or aiming to be a professional dancer.

But how do you care for tired ballet feet?

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10 Dance Performances Not to Miss in 2018

Dance School North East Dance Performances of 2018 Blog Thumbnail

For dance fans, part of New Year is deciding what performances they must see in the year to come. And as ever, 2018 has some amazing dance performances available around the country. The team at Jade Harrison School of Dance are always excited about both the next performance they are going to see and the performances that their students are going to take part it.

Here are a few performances that we are excited about for 2018!

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Ballets Based in Your Favourite Books

Dance School Newcastle Ballet Book Blog Thumbnail

Many ballets are created specifically to be a ballet or other type of musical dance show. But other times, producers turn their attention to literature to find stories to use in their productions. In fact, a number of very famous ballets are based on books from different eras.

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How to Create Poise

Ballet School Newcastle How to Create Poise Blog Thumbnail

Have you got poise? Would you be able to explain it if you had? There is something a little elusive about poise, but a great ballet teacher, like the team at Jade Harrison School of Dance works with their students to develop poise and other dance skills to make them beautiful confident dancers.

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The Best Ballets to See at Christmas Time

Dance School North Shields Winter Ballet Blog Thumbnail

Christmas is a great time to go and see a ballet at one of the many beautiful venues around the country. As ballet lovers watching ballet at Christmas has become somewhat of a tradition, there are plenty to choose from, but some have a greater connection with the festive season than others.

Here is our list of some of the best ballets to see at Christmas Time

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How Ballet Can Improve Fitness Levels

Ballet Lessons Newcastle How Ballet Can Improve Fitness Levels Blog Thumbnail

If you are looking for a way to improve fitness and have an interest in doing something more than just visiting the gym, then ballet can be the perfect solution.  You will learn an amazing skill with the ability to dance but you can also improve your fitness in a number of different ways.

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The Top 10 Most Successful West End Shows

Dance Teacher North Shields West End Dance Blog Thumbnail

We love a Musical and whether you are a dedicated fan of musicals or want to try one for the first time, London’s West End is always the place to start. With some 15 million visitors every year, the theatres here host the most memorable and amazing shows in the world.

At our dance school in North Tyneside we offer Musical Theatre style dance lessons where anyone with a love of the music of musicals can learn fun routines to some of the best music written for these incredible shows.

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What are Ballet Exams (RAD)?

Ballet School Newcastle What are Ballet Exams RAD Blog Thumbnail

For many students of ballet, one of the big focus points of their year is the annual ballet exams.  The Royal Academy of Dance has a syllabus that includes regular exams for students studying ballet and the chance to get regular ideas on how their dance is progressing and if there’s a professional future possible for them.  So, what are the ballet exams and what is tested?

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What is Lyrical Dance and Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

North Shields Dance School Lyrical Dance Blog Thumbnail image of your woman dancing

Lyrical dance may be one of the newcomers to the range of dances being learned around the country. But it has quickly become popular for everyone from kids learning their first dance to adults looking to expand their dancing skills. But what is lyrical dance and what makes it so popular?

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6 Great Reasons to do Acro

Dance School Newcastle 6 Great Reasons to do Acro Blog Thumbnail

Because there are so many styles of dance out there, it can be hard to help narrow down the options when your child knows they want to dance but aren’t sure what type.  But a good place to start is to look at the benefits of doing any particular type of dance.

One of the most popular styles of dance at the moment is Acro Dance.  It combines a whole range of physical and mental health benefits and is great fun!  It blends classic dance skills with acrobatic techniques and has a unique style that people instantly love.  Let’s learn a little more about it and some great reasons to take up Acro Dance.

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Broadway Lessons Teaches More Than Broadway Skills

North Shields Dance School Broadway Dance Blog Article Thumbnail showing Broadway at night with lights

When you start music theatre lessons, you start on a path that leads a few people to heights of Broadway and other top locations around the world. It is an aspirational dream, to become the next Broadway superstar and people do achieve this dream.

But even for those who never hit these heights, there are a number of benefits to music theatre lessons that make them worth doing.

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An Overview of Ballet Wear Fitting

Ballet School Newcastle An Overview of Ballet Wear Fitting Blog Thumbnail

Dancewear is a crucial part of being a ballet dancer, at any stage.  Without the right shoes and outfits, you don’t look or feel the part and you can increase your chances of small injury when dancing. 

But how do you know what is the right fit for ballet wear for your child?  Let’s look at some simple tips to help you ensure your children’s ballet wear is just right.

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What is Acrobatic Arts and Why Is It So Popular?

dance clothes Newcastle acrobatic arts blog thumbnail

Acrobatic Arts is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastic disciplines that is taking the dance world by storm. Loved by both teachers and students alike Acrobatic Arts is a multi-discipline blend and is also known as AcroDance. Stunning moves from gymnastics is blended with steps and routines from the dance world for a unique and modern approach to dance.

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Did You Know that Dance Prepares Young People for More Jobs than Being a Dancer?

dance teacher wallsend dance jobs blog thumbnail

There are a lot of reasons why you choose to, or encourage your child to attend dance lessons, for some the potential of becoming a professional dancer is a real draw, for others it is fostering a hobby that will last for life. While becoming a professional dancer is a reality for some, there are many people who find themselves dancing as a passion but not a profession.

The skills learned and developed in those dance lessons can be applied to a wide range of jobs across many sectors not just the arts, here are a few of them:

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Fashion & Ballet are Intersecting Again!

Ballet School North Shields Fashion & Ballet are Intersecting Again Blog Thumbnail

We have written in our dance blog before about the correlation between ballet and fashion and we were delighted to see that there is so much crossover being reported on again! If you have ever seen a traditional ballet either in person or on screen, the attention to detail in the costumes is always stunning, and modern ballets continue to transform and excite new audiences with their fashion forward approach to this old dance discipline.

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Why We Love the Northern Ballet Company

dance school north tyneside northern ballet blog thumbnail

The Northern Ballet has quickly moved into a position of being one of the top ballet companies in the country, despite having just been founded in 1969. The company offers classical dance techniques and a diverse story-telling repertoire that mean people of all ages and all ballet experience can come and enjoy the productions.

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10 Actors Who Started Out in Ballet

Ballet School North Shields 10 Actors Who Started Out in Ballet Blog Thumbnail

There’s long been a connection between ballet and acting with skills that help you master one is highly useful in the other.  But did you know that there are a number of big-name, famous movie stars who either started out with ballet or trained as a dancer in their earlier years?

Here are 10 well-known examples.

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How To Look After Your Tap Shoes

Dance Teacher Wallsend How To Look After Your Tap Shoes Blog Thumbnail

Tap shoes can be a lot longer lasting than something like ballet or even jazz shoes.  But there’s a little bit of care you need to provide them to get that maximum lifespan.  Here are some tips on how to look after your tap shoes.

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Great Reasons why Children Should Learn to Dance

Ballet Lessons North Shields Great Reasons why Children Should Learn to Dance Blog Thumbnail

Learning to dance has been something children have enjoyed doing for generations. As well as learning a fantastic set of skills, there are solid reasons why children should learn to dance that extend far beyond their ability to perform certain steps. Let’s take a look at some of them.

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Top 10 Songs about Dance

Dance School Newcastle Dance Songs Blog Thumbnail

There are hundreds of songs that feature dance in their title and lyrics but not all are about actual dancing. Some highlight the emotions that dance create or the romantic side of dancing with someone you love.

Whatever the story that the song tells, there are some amazing songs about dance. Here are ten of our favourites.

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How the Performing Arts can Support Children’s Wellness

Ballet Lessons Newcastle How the Performing Arts can Support Childrens Wellness Blog Thumbnail

A worrying statistic is that one in five children will have some kind of mental health problems by the time they leave primary school. This means parents face a constant battle to help their children stay fit but also mentally healthy. One of the things that can help with this battle is the performing arts, in particular dance. But how does it benefit children’s wellness?

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10 Great Tap Dancing Sequences in Movies

Newcastle Dance School Tap Dance Blog Thumbnail

Being a North-East Dance School, of course we love Billy Elliot, but there are also some other great tap routines seen in Movies over the years!

Tap dancing is one of the classic styles of dance to feature in movies and has been around since movies were first made. While many of the great tap dancing sequences in movies come from those early times, there have also been some great later additions to the genre that show that tap is a current and fresh as ever.

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Have You Tried to Perform Swan Lake in Your Bathtub? These Dancers Did!

Ballet Lessons Newcastle Have You Tried to Perform Swan Lake in Your Bathtub Blog Thumbnail

There have been some weird and wonderful things to appear on our TVs during the lockdown period.  We’ve had Zoom calls of actors chatting, we’ve had Zoom calls of people reporting the news.  Now we’ve got a sneak peek into the bathrooms of top ballerinas as they perform a slightly unusual version of Swan Lake.  Don’t worry, it is suitable for the kids!

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Ballet Discipline is a Perfect Training Ground for Most Sports – Here’s Why

Dance School Newcastle Ballet Dancing Blog Thumbnail

Ask most sportspeople and they will say that ballet is a very different world from the one they inhabit. At first glance, there doesn’t seem much of an overlap, apart from maybe some mental toughness approaches and the dedication needed for both. But as a number of big name sports and athletics stars have recently discovered, the training for ballet is also great training for any number of sports. Here’s why.

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The Best Flowers to Gift to Ballerinas

Dance Teacher Wallsend The Best Flowers to Gift to Ballerinas Blog Thumbnail

Have you ever seen a Ballerina being given flowers at the end of a performance? Have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from or what type of flowers are normally given? As a ballet school in North Tyneside we love everything ballet so we thought we would find out about this lovely ballet tradition.

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How Yasmine Naghdi has Danced Through Lockdown

Ballet School North Shields How Yasmine Naghdi has Danced Through Lockdown Blog Thumbnail

Lockdown has presented us with many problems and challenges.  For professionals such as athletes, dancers and musicians, their regular routine of practice and rehearsals has disappeared along with our other freedoms.

But for Royal Ballet Principal Yasmine Naghdi, just like the team at Jade Harrison School of Dance, her work hasn’t stopped with lockdown!

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Why is the Live Screening of Ballet Becoming So Popular?

North Shields Dance School Ballet Thumbnail

Going to the cinema to watch a movie has the been a favourite activity for generations. Movies make huge amounts of money in their opening weeks at the cinema while others can flop on a massive scale. But a new trend has crept into the world of the cinema – live screen ballet, theatre or opera. So, what is the trend all about and why is it so popular?

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How Dance Lessons Support Your Child's Growth

Dance Teacher North Shields How Dance Lessons Support Your Child's Growth Blog Thumbnail

Dancing has always been a popular activity for kids, both girls and boys.  There’s very little equipment needed to get started, it can be practised at home with friends or alone and there are many inspiring dancers to look up to.  But there’s more than just the fun of it when a parent looks at the benefits of dancing - one example is how it supports your child’s growth.

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La La Land Sparks New Interest in Musical Theatre Classes

Dance Teacher Newcastle Thumbnail 1

Every once in a while, a film comes along that changes our view on things and encourages us to learn to love something that we might not have bothered with before. In the last few months, that something has been the film La La Land and since it has become popular, there has been a renewed interest in musical theatre classes, especially among children. But why is this such a good thing?

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How Long Does It Take to Become A Professional Ballerina?

Ballet School North Shields How Long Does It Take to Become A Professional Ballerina Blog Thumbnail

One of the big questions many keen young ballerinas will ask in class is how long does it take to become a professional ballerina?  And the answer is a tricky one because there are lots of things to consider and everyone is different.

Let’s start by saying that a general average is about 9 years.  So, if you start at age 10, you could be looking at turning pro at around 19 years old.  Some people do it quicker, some people take longer.  But even then, it isn’t the finish of the story.

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Royal Ballet School Associate Levels

Newcastle Ballet School Thumbnail

The Associate Program was started by the Royal Ballet School in order to augment the current training and to introduce students to the System of Training used by it. The program allows people to train in regional centres and have the same chances to perform with the Royal Ballet, the Birmingham Royal Ballet and other ballet companies as well as progressing through the school. There are four levels currently on offer through the program.

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Great Traits All Dancers Share

Dance School North Shields Great Traits All Dancers Share Blog Thumbnail

When you hear people talk about great dancers, you hear them discussed by their natural talent and abilities or even their physical traits.  And while this does play a part in success, a lot more is down to certain traits that they all share. The majority of these traits are learned and then practiced in dance lessons meaning anyone can aspire to be a great dancer.

But what are the great traits that all dancers share?

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Love to Dance in Newcastle?

dance school Newcastle dance events in Newcastle blog thumbnail

Here are a Few Great Places in Newcastle to Experience Dance:

As dancers in the North East we always love to see different styles of dance that we can watch or join in with. Whether that be a dance class in our dance studio in New York, North Tyneside or in the wider Newcastle area.

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Could you name England’s Traditional Dances?

Dance School Newcastle Could you name England’s Traditional Dances Blog Thumbnail

At Jade Harrison School of Dance, we love to dance and take inspiration from all types of dancing. While we focus on ballet and more modern styles of dance and movement such as Acrobatic Arts we also love to discover and are inspired by all types of dance.

How much do you know about England’s traditional dances? Could you name them and what they are all about?  Let’s have some fun and get to know them better;

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Who is Matthew Bourne and Why We Love his Choreography

dance school newcastle matthew bourne thumbnail

As the creator of the world’s longest running ballet production, Matthew Bourne has earned his title as the most popular and successful choreographer and director in the UK. He has worked for over 30 years creating musicals, opera, films and theatre as well as running his own award-winning companies. Here is a glimpse into his impressive list of accomplishments so you can see why we all love his choreography so much.

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The Benefits of Acro Dance Classes for Kids

Dance Teacher North Shields The Benefits of Acro Dance Classes for Kids Blog Thumbnail

Have you heard of Acro Dance or Acrobatic Arts? This is a new popular dance class that blends the disciplines of dance and acrobatics into a new and exciting way to explore movement. If you are thinking of finding a dance class for your child in North Tyneside (when we are able to open again) then perhaps acro dance is a class your child would really love.

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Why So Many Great Ballets are Based on Shakespeare

Dance School Newcastle Ballet Blog Thumbnail

It seems strange to think that one of the leading inspiration for ballet performances is the written work of an English man from the 16th century. William Shakespeare ‘The Bard’ is known throughout the world for his works including over 30 plays and 150 sonnets as well as two long narrative poems. While none of these were musical or relating to dance, his works have been transformed into a variety of music performances and one of the most popular is ballet.

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The Most Romantic Ballets

Ballet School Newcastle The Most Romantic Ballets Blog Thumbnail

By the very nature of the dance, ballet is very romantic.  The graceful dancers, beautiful costumes, the amazing movements, all of these naturally lend themselves to a romantic storyline.  Not all ballets have a romantic theme, though.  But some stand out from the crowd for being the most romantic ballets you can watch.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner here is a quick list of some of the most romantic ballets.

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Dance Opportunities in North Tyneside

Dance School Newcastle Blog Thumbnail Feb 17

We don’t know anyone who doesn’t really like dancing – and yes we mean you too – the ones who say they don’t like to dance but then we catch them tapping their feet along to the beat! (You know who you are!)

So as dance lovers we thought we would take a look at some of the dance opportunities across North Tyneside. Dance does not have to be formal lessons it can be enjoyed in a variety of situations with as much participation as you feel comfortable with.

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How To Tell A Story Through Dance

Ballet Lessons Newcastle How To Tell A Story Through Dance Blog Thumbnail

Every dance is more than just a series of movements with elaborate names.  It is a tiny part in a moving story, a tale told through the combination of dancing and music.  Or sometimes just purely with the dance moves alone. At Jade Harrison School of Dance we know the essence of dance is to tell a story and we love sharing this with our students.

But how do you tell a story with dance if you want to try this yourself?

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Why We Love Cirque du Soleil

Dance School North Shields Why We Love Cirque du Soleil Blog thumbnail

As dancers in North Tyneside we are always looking for dance inspiration, new ideas and exciting performances to learn from. One of the most inspirational and well known dance, gymnastic and movement companies in the world is Cirque de Soleil. There new critically acclaimed show Varekai will be performed at the Metro Radio Arena in February so we thought we would take a look at the Circus of the Sun and why we love it!

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Famous Faces Who Had Ballet Lessons

Ballet School Newcastle Famous Faces Who Had Ballet Lessons Blog Thumbnail

Ballet lessons are a part of many people’s childhood, bringing valuable skills and habits to their adult lives. You can often see in some people that they had that classical training as a child, especially in areas such as dance. Then there are others who you maybe wouldn’t associate with early ballet training - here are a few famous examples.

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The Greatest Dance Schools of the World

Newcastle Dance School Internatioanl Dance Schools Blog thumbnail

For many dancers, you begin at a good local dance school, like Jade Harrison School of Dance, and if things work out, you continue to progress. For some this might mean heading to a college or university to expand on your dance skills, theatre skills or a combination of both. For others this is simply a lifelong love of dance.

If you have real dance passion and the ability to match then for a small number of students, progression might mean attending one of the greatest dance schools in the world – here are a few of them to inspire you.

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Make 2021 a Joyful Year by Dancing More

Dance School Wallsend Make 2021 a Joyful Year by Dancing More Blog Thumbnail

After 2020 and all the challenges it has brought, lots of people are looking for ways to make 2021 more joyful and optimistic.  There is no shortage of ideas and tips but there is a very simple one with proven history - dancing.

Our cavemen ancestors knew it - they painted joyful dancers on the walls of their homes to celebrate the love of dancing.  Some societies even ban it because they want their people to be grim and lacking in that joy.  But why does it work like that and how can we embrace the natural path to joyfulness?

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Why Joining a Dance School Can Boost Children’s Confidence

Dance School North Shields Childrens Dance Blog Thumbnail

There are a lot of reasons for kids to take up dancing and attend a dance school but one of the subtler ones is the way it boosts their confidence. Sometimes children don’t seem like they have a problem with this but even the ones that seem confident need practice and encouragement to shine. Whether they are bold or shy, dancing can help give them good confidence that can be used in many other aspects of life.

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Great Christmas Musicals

Dance School Wallsend Great Christmas Musicals Blog Thumbnail

Musical theatre is something we love, and something that we normally enjoy at Christmas, whether you are able to get to the theatre this year or simply want to watch some great musicals at home with your family we have made a quick list of some of the best Christmas Musicals.

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What are Musical Theatre Lessons?

Newcastle Dance School Musical Theatre Blog Thumbnail

There are many types of dance from around the world that can include elements beyond the music and the steps. One of the most famous of these is musical theatre, a combination of songs, spoken dialogue, dancing and acting. Taking musical theatre lessons is a great way for kids to learn a variety of skills and even set themselves up for a career in the theatre.

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Tips on Growing in Confidence with Your Dancing

Dance School North Shields Tips on Growing in Confidence with Your Dancing Blog Thumbnail

If there is one thing that you need as a dancer, it’s confidence! You can have the most amazing moves, the best costumes, earth-shattering routines and music combinations, but if you don’t have the confidence to carry them through, you will never fulfil your potential.

Our dance school not only teaches dance steps, but we also nurture confidence in our students that helps them not only with their dance routines but also outside the dance studio.

Here are some tips on growing your confidence while dancing:

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Why Children Love to Dance!

Dance School North Shields Thumbnail

And the Benefits they get from joining a dance school

There’s no doubt that kids love to dance and have no hesitation about throwing themselves around the room, jigging and shuffling to the music with no care about how they appear. As we get older, we get more self-conscious and the desire to dance madly fades in some of us. But there are more benefits to dance for children than just having fun – here’s a look at why it is so beneficial to them.

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Did you watch the English National Ballet’s Emerging Dancer 2020?

Ballet Lessons North Shields Did you watch the English National Ballet’s Emerging Dancer 2020 Blog Thumbnail

Like everything in 2020, the Emerging Dancer from the English National Ballets was a little different. From the mask-wearing orchestra to the live streaming of the event by Ore Oduba of Strictly Come Dancing fame, there were things that were very different from previous years.

But there were other things that were the same. Top of the list was the outstanding quality of the dancing on show with the six finalists showing a range of the most exquisite dancing skills. So who came out on top and what made them stand out from the others?

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Need Ballet Gear? Talk to a Dance Teacher!

Ballet Shoes Newcastle Blog Thumbnail

Whether you are learning to dance yourself or are visiting classes with a child, there is a lot to learn. Not only are there are all the steps and routines but there is the dance gear required – and there are so many to choose from! But it is worth remembering that if you need advice about what to buy or what you need, you have the perfect resource on hand – your dance teacher!

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Top Tips for Keen Choreographers

Dance School Wallsend Top Tips for Keen Choreographers Blog Thumbnail

You have this dream of being a choreographer but at the moment, it just seems too much. Too many things to do, too many areas to concentrate on and no idea where to really start. Don’t worry, we have some top tips for you to help you get on the right path.

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Have you seen our Gallery?

No? Then you should definitely check it out! Our new gallery is filled with photographs of our dance school, our latest productions and other fun photos of what we get up to at Jade Harrison School of dance.

We love to showcase our students doing what they do best, in costume and on stage!

We have an onsite theatre that seats up to 80 people and we also offer opportunities for our students to be involved in productions across the local theatres.

Currently in our gallery we have two productions that took place at the Peoples Theatre and two more at our own onsite theatre.

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The Most Common Dance Hairstyles Explained

Ballet Lessons Newcastle The Most Common Dance Hairstyles Explained Blog Thumbnail

Dance hairstyles are a combination of two important things – the practicality of keeping hair in the right place during the dance and the stylistic element that it plays in how a dancer looks. That’s why there are some common dance hairstyles we see repeated over and over again – and here’s how and why.

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An overview of our Dance Classes

We run many different types of dance classes from our custom built dance school in North Tyneside. Here is a quick overview of some of our classes in no particular order. You can click here for our current timetable and prices or contact us if you would like to join!

Ballet Lessons

Ballet is the first love of many dancers are we are no different. Our ballet classes are relaxed but professional and we teach the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and our students have a 100% pass rate on their examinations. Ballet is a fantastic discipline to learn with so many benefits. We also showcase our student’s ballet skills at performances at our onsite theatre.

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It's Proven – Dancing Makes you Happy!

Ballet School North Shields It's Proven Dancing Makes you Happy Blog Thumbnail

If you have ever had a little dance to your favourite song while cleaning the living room or been to a dance and enjoyed yourself, you already know this – dancing makes you happy!  But if you are a little unsure, then it is now official because studies have shown that dancing does improve mood and make us happy.  Whether that’s dancing in the living room or going to dance classes, the benefits are clear.

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Top 5 Reasons to Join a Dance Class

There are so many reasons to join a dance class and love dancing so much we can’t understand anyone who would need convincing of joining but if you do here are our top 5 reasons why joining a dance class is the best thing you will do!

1. Learning to take instruction

All dance classes should be fun and have a relaxed happy atmosphere but that does not mean that there is no discipline, in fact a great way for younger children to start to concentrate on given instruction is in their first dance classes, often this starts even before they start school. Following a teacher, joining in with their class mates, following simple steps in repetition is a great introduction to taking instruction and concentration.

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Great Dance Experiences Happening in Lockdown

dance school north shields Great Dance Experiences Happening in Lockdown blog thumbnail

You would think that lockdown has put an end to many dance-related activities and in some cases that's true.  In-person dance classes can't take place and people can't meet up for dances or go to watch shows featuring dance.  But this doesn't mean that there aren't some great dance experiences happening during lockdown – they are just a bit different from what you would expect!

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Who are the Royal Academy of Dance?

Jade Harrison School of dance is very proud to be affiliated with, be a teacher of, and run the Ballet syllabus for the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance). As one of the world’s most influential dance organisations who also support the continuing education of their teachers and other ballet professionals it is no wonder that their reputation in ballet is so high.

The RAD sets many of the national and global standards for exams in classical ballet and ensures professionalism for those teaching it and with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as the RAD's patron and the former ballerina and Strictly Come Dancing Judge Darcey Bussell as the President you would expect nothing less.

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