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Choosing a style of dance that is suitable for you child can be a little daunting. Fortunately, there are a lot of different styles to choose from at Jade Harrison School of Dance. One of the most popular dance classes at the moment is Acro Dance and it is not hard to understand why so many parents are choosing this for their child.

Acro dance classes offer a wide array of benefits, including increasing strength, flexibility, and coordination in students, here are some reasons why we love this class:

It is a new approach

Acro is a new blend of dance styles. It combines classical techniques with acrobatic skills. While all dance is physical, this form is particularly athletic and has unique choreography due to its use of acrobatics in a dance environment.


Acro dance classes will improve confidence and coordination, and also build core strength for all those that participate. Upper and lower-body strength is needed in Acro, the acrobatic elements and aerial stunts that are common in routines require performers to have the muscle strength to support themselves, as well as partners sometimes. Acro dance lessons will help student strengthen their muscles, often without them even realising it.

Flexibility and Balance

Acro dance lessons in North Tyneside are great for increasing flexibility and balance. Dance types like ballet and acro require great flexibility and balance to carry out the movements in routines. The more flexible your child is, the better range of motion they’ll have with their muscles.


Learning routines and mastering difficult steps builds confidence with all students when they attend Acro Dance classes. All dance styles increase confidence in students as they grow, develop and overcome challenges but it’s no secret that acro takes a little extra effort and finesse to conquer.


Acro dance classes in North Shields are the ideal option for those looking to improve their overall coordination. The acrobatic element of this dance takes an incredible amount of discipline and coordination to learn. Memorizing intricate choreography and moves like cartwheels, chest stands, hand springs, and hand walking will promote excellent levels of coordination.


Acro dance lessons can give students a creative outlet for their feelings. They’ll be able to express themselves through movement and learn how to channel their energy into positivity. This is a fantastic coping mechanism for all students to develop.

There are so many benefits to starting Acro Dance, it is a great class to blend acrobatics with traditional dance and students and parents give it glowing reviews. Find out more about our classes on our website or complete our contact form to join a class.