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If there’s one way to know that something has ‘made it’ in this world, it is when it gets its own celebratory day! And World Tutu Day has arrived! It is a celebration of the classic ballerina outfit normally held on February 2nd, it is a celebration of more than just the dress but of the whole world of ballet, its history and place in modern society.


Background of the Ballet Tutu

Yes, tutu does come from a child’s affectionate term for the bottom – and it has been around since it first debuted in 1832 in the Paris Opera Ballet. The dress then was a bit different to the dress we are familiar with today, but the fitted bodice and buoyant skirt were just as recognisable then as now.

In fact, Juliet Burnett even described the tutu as an ‘elegant obstacle’ which is a good description. But for people who dance on their tiptoes, what’s a bit of an obstacle? Something to overcome and make the most from!

World Tutu Day

While World Tutu Day is a celebration of this most iconic style of dress, it is also about more than that. It is a celebration of ballet and also a way to support ballet education around the world. Dance education has come on a long way in recent years, in part due to the internet and also due to the popularity of dance-related programs on the TV.

This means more people are aware of ballet as something they can learn, rather than something for an elite few amazing dancers. You can reach loads of information online about everything from safe techniques for the dances to the kind of dietary tips and nutritional information that is used by top ballet stars around the world.

Sharing the Ballet Passion

It has also allowed people to share their love of dance and ballet in particular and to share that with others. Dancers in the US can chat with dancers in Australian and the UK, a dance studio can live stream from Switzerland and the whole world can watch. Choreographers can watch rehearsals over Skype or record them on their smartphone to study later for changes.

And people around the world who have that urge to learn about ballet or even just better understand it can find so much out there to satisfy their curiosity. Video has been another blessing for ballet because while ballet dance is always about the class, there are lots of things the rising star can learn from video.

You can get videos on anything from making a ballet fun to tying your Pointe shoes as well as career advice, beginner’s tips and health and fitness topics. All with the click of a mouse.

Celebrate Ballet

So World Tutu Day is about more than just the classic ballet outfit – it is a way to share the passion we have for ballet with others and even encourage some of them to act on that interest. It is a way to open dance to the world and show them that even they can try, no matter where they are.