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When you start music theatre lessons, you start on a path that leads a few people to heights of Broadway and other top locations around the world. It is an aspirational dream, to become the next Broadway superstar and people do achieve this dream.

But even for those who never hit these heights, there are a number of benefits to music theatre lessons that make them worth doing.

Adaptable skills you learn

For children in particular but for all ages, there are a lot of life skills that you learn from music theatre lessons that have different applications in life.

Self-confidence and self-esteem

Dance of all forms helps to build self-confidence even in people who seem to already have plenty – it can often just be an act in itself rather than genuine self-confidence. People often have fears such as public speaking, hosting a meeting or even appearing in a video but dance and music theatre lessons can help build confidence that means these things will no longer be an issue.

For children, it gives them a confidence in their own skin, a positive attitude and lets them express themselves in a clear way that helps build their self-esteem and can assist them in working life. It is particularly beneficial for kids with physical or mental impairments or those dealing with emotional problems.

Working as a team

Many jobs will involve working as part of a team and this is a core skill learned from music theatre. Here you have to work with others in the performance for it to work with everyone having their part to play. These skills will be useful in work applications as well as other social activities where working with others is required.

Develops imagination

Imagining yourself as someone, playing a role and believing the story is real enough to play your part all help develop the imagination. And a strong imagination allows you to visualise other projects in other areas of life. We often think of creativity as something you are born with but it can be nurtured and learned – and music theatre lessons can help with this.

Focus and discipline

To be successful in any way at music theatre, you need to have focus and discipline. You need to turn up for lessons and practices, school yourself for your part in productions and be organised in your time. You need to focus on your part in the production. These skills can help children at school and adults in their work life in a variety of ways.

Physical benefits

As well as skills learned with other applications, the physical benefits of music theatre are varied and can help children and adults at different stages of life.

Musical Theatre Lessons North Tyneside

Dancing in any form is a highly physical activity and builds up the body – increased flexibility, range of motion and stamina. It helps to build muscles with the repeat actions that many dances require as well as instilling great balance and coordination.

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