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TikTok has given us many things, some good and some bad. One thing it does focus on extensively is dance and fashion trends. One of these is the ballet core fashion trend. Inspired by ballet it’s about capturing femininity in a unique way. As ballet teachers we love the fact that ballet core is trending as it is what we wear on a regular basis!

Here we look at what the ballet core fashion trend is and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

The Balletcore Fashion Trend

This is all about being hyper-feminine and has its influence in the world of ballet and the clothes that dancers wear during both performances and when they are training. It doesn’t mean you need to add tutus to your wardrobe any time soon because it’s more about that ultra-feminine look than any particular uniform.

There have been some famous exponents of the ballet core fashion trend. Decades before TikTok and its new adventures, Marylin Munroe’s photos with a white tulle skirt against a black background typify the look that people are going for. Other well-known role models include Sex in the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and the image of her walking down the streets in New York wearing a pink top and another tulle skirt.

As you can tell, the basics of ballet core fashion are not new, but they have exploded on social media sites such as TikTok in recent years, setting a trend that has gone viral across the world. Footwear, in particular, the ballet flat shoe has also been around for many years, made popular in the 60s by icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Twiggy.

How to Go Full Balletcore Fashion

While iconic images of the past form the base of the ballet core fashion trend, the voluminous posts on sites such as TikTok have meant that it has begun to evolve and transmogrify over a very short time. The basics are simple – a plethora of 80s leg warmers, ballet flats, wrap tops, bodysuits, tulle skirts and short wrap skirts. More widely, you should be wearing stuff that cries out femininity and not be abashed about it.

The TikTok trend has not been confined to the social media site and its many users who have gravitated to this distinctive fashion trend. It’s begun to spread into a much wider cultural arena, with leg warmers and other ballet core fashion items making their way onto the catwalk in fashion shows. Within this there are various modifications, introducing aspects of New Age and Punk, for example. Some of the leading exponents on the fashion stage are notable designers such as Simone Rocha and Giambattista Valli as well as Britain’s Molly Goddard.

Almost important as the clothes being worn in the TikTok posts that embrace the ballet core fashion trend is the background. In many of these, décor harks back to the more feminine fashion of the 50s and 60s. If you’re thinking of posing and posting, then don’t just think of your outfit but what surrounds you and make it as flamboyant, feminine, and interesting as possible.

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