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Dance routines are nothing new and we’ve seen everything over the centuries from formal dances to the Macarena. And we love them! But for a while there, it seemed that new dance routines were something that went out of fashion and people were no longer creating them.

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Then in 2017, a new app was launched called TikTok. On the surface, it didn’t seem to be an instant source of new dance routines. With its short video clips between 3-60 seconds, it was something that the younger generations adopted quickly and passionately. It also led to the resurgence of dance routines.

Choreographers of TikTok

One of the first notable dance crazes was the Renegade, set to the hip-hop long Lottery. With over 1.6 billion views on the app, the dance was seen everywhere and done by everyone from actors to the former First Lady of the USA!  And it was created by a then-14-year-old called Jalaiah Harmon.

It has also led to a whole movement of new dance moves, routines, and interest in creating something unique to music you love. In fact, many professional choreographers are making their way to TikTok to showcase what they do. Whether they are aiming for a little social media fame or something moving beyond the internet, there are plenty of high-quality choreographers on this most unlikely spot.

Most popular routines and their choreographers

So, let’s dive into the world of popular TikTok dance routines and give you a few examples if you want to expand your dancing into something new.

The Renegade

We’ve mentioned The Renegade already as one of the early examples of a viral dance routine. The dance includes 21 steps and only takes less than 20 seconds to perform. Most of the moves are made with the arms and the upper body so there’s no need to learn complex footwork.

Having taken hip-hop, ballet and jazz classes, Jalaiah was well placed to create the dance and now has over 2 million followers on TikTok.

The Git Up

The Git Up was created by two half-brothers and uses the song of the same name by country rapper Blanco Brown. The rapper actually videoed himself doing the dance after the routine took off! The dance combines arm movements with footwork from the cowboy boogie.

Con Calma

The Con Calma wasn’t created for TikTok but has had over 450 million views on the platform and was created by Greg Chapkis. Greg has been a choreographer for over 20 years and his dance has led to him teaching classes around the world.


Savage was created by Keara Wilson to the song of the same name by Megan Three Stallion when she was tired of seeing the same dances over and over again on TikTok. It took her around an hour to create the dance which features a lot of arm and hand movements.

Exploring a new dance routine

TikTok may not have seemed the obvious place to go to learn new dance routines when it first appeared but for many people, it is now the place to learn to dance. With new routines appearing daily, the passion for dancing on the platform shows no sign of slowing down!