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Because there are so many styles of dance out there, it can be hard to help narrow down the options when your child knows they want to dance but aren’t sure what type.  But a good place to start is to look at the benefits of doing any particular type of dance.

One of the most popular styles of dance at the moment is Acro Dance.  It combines a whole range of physical and mental health benefits and is great fun!  It blends classic dance skills with acrobatic techniques and has a unique style that people instantly love.  Let’s learn a little more about it and some great reasons to take up Acro Dance.

Improves your core strength

One of the big reasons that people love Acro is that it helps with significant improvements to core strength, confidence, and coordination.  It helps you to improve both your upper and lower body strength because you need to use both to complete the acrobatic and aerial moves in the dance routines as well as supporting your dance partner in their moves.

So, if the central aim with learning to dance is that you want to improve that core strength, Acro Dance is an ideal option.

Boost muscle mass

As well as core strength, Acro Dance is great for building those muscles and boosting muscle mass.  That’s because you carry out moves that require the best use of muscles to complete and as you practice, there’s a natural strengthening of them.

Helps with better coordination

As kids grow, their coordination can sometimes wobble due to their changing body shape and size.  But Acro Dance is brilliant for assisting with that better coordination and ensures that they learn to use their growing body as well as possible.

The intricate choreography and moves include things like cartwheels, handsprings, chest stands and even hand walking, meaning coordination is boosted with each session.

Boosts flexibility and balance

Two specific areas that see a boost from Acro Dance are flexibility and balance.  Both of these are needed to complete the complex routines in the dances and the more flexible you are, the better you are at the dance and the more you enjoy it.  These are also benefits that can help in everyday life with general fitness levels.

Makes children more confident

Learning a skill like Acro Dance can help boost a child’s confidence and ensures that they can use that confidence in other areas of their life.  They also gain confidence from physical fitness, better coordination and all the other benefits that come from learning to dance.

Allows better self-expression

Dance is a great way to learn to express yourself and Acro Dance is less format than other styles so you can show your emotions through movement and expressions.  It also learns you to channel energy in a positive way into the dance.

A great way to dance

Acro Dance is a great way to dance, a new style that comes with loads of solid benefits and is great fun too!