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Have you heard of Acro Dance or Acrobatic Arts? This is a new popular dance class that blends the disciplines of dance and acrobatics into a new and exciting way to explore movement. If you are thinking of finding a dance class for your child in North Tyneside (when we are able to open again) then perhaps acro dance is a class your child would really love.

What is Acro Dance?

Acro dance, or Acrobatic Arts is a modern dance style that combines a number of classic techniques with acrobatic elements.  The result is a dance that is very physical, athletic and has a unique choreography that works for the type of moves it encompasses. 

It is also a great way to get the benefits of dance classes for your kids without having to learn something a little more demanding such as ballet.

Benefits of Acro Dance

Acro dance is great fun but the benefits of it are the main reasons that parents are having their kids try it out.

Increased strength - With acro dance, one of the big benefits is the increase in strength that children see.  It is an easy and fun way to build up muscle, with upper and lower body strength improving with the dance lessons.  That’s’ because the acrobatic and aerial moves are common in the dance and need muscle strength to support it.  So they naturally build their strength while learning the dance.

Improved flexibility and balance - Generally, dance is excellent for improving balance and learning coordination that will last into adulthood.  With acro dance, kids also improve their flexibility because that’s what is needed to carry out the stunts and dance moves they will learn.  The more flexible they are, the more they can do!

Boost their confidence - Perhaps the most important benefit to any type of dance is the improvement to confidence that kids get from it and this is true with acro dance.  And once confidence is improved, it can impact other areas of their life, helping them with things like reducing stress from school or exams.

Better coordination - Acro dance is fantastic to help teach better coordination.  That’s because the acrobatic element of dance takes a lot to learn but once you have mastered it, you will naturally have better coordination.  With this like cartwheels and hand walking common among the dances, coordination is improved naturally.

Social benefits to dancing

As well as the health benefits of dancing, there are also a number of social benefits that come from it.

Children are naturally more sociable when they learn to dance because they have to work with others to complete the dance act.  It also gives them a shared interest and starts those conversations.  It can help form bonds that last forever.

Acro dance is a great way to improve self-expression so that kids can tell others that’s wrong, what they enjoy and how they fell.  It can be an emotional outlet, a safe space and a way to turn their energy into something positive and fun.