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Are you missing dance? Us, too. Although we fully endorse dancing at home as much as possible, sometimes you just need to get inspired by other people dancing. We’ve compiled a list of the best dance shows for you to watch until we can meet in person again – so you can get your dance fix safely.

The Next Step – Netflix

If you’re a young dancer, this may be a great show for you to get into. The Next Step follows a group of Canadian teenagers as they prepare for an upcoming dance competition – it is an emotional and addictive watch as the teens navigate their relationships and try to focus on their big break.

Strictly Come Dancing – BBC iPlayer

Can you get a dance show more iconic than Strictly? Watch a series of celebrities learn to dance with some of the most talented professional dancers in the U.K. With some beautiful dance routines (and the odd cringy moments) it makes for compulsive viewing. The latest series is still available on iPlayer – so if you didn’t catch it the first time around or you want to relive your favourite moments, you can enjoy every episode (plus, It Takes Two is still available for extra Strictly gossip).

The Greatest Dancer – BBC iPlayer

If you want to watch some amazing contemporary dancers, The Greatest Dancer is an excellent show focusing on amateur dancers trying to get their big break. With amazing dancers, funny moments, and vibrant judges full of personality, it makes for a great alternative to the more formal Strictly.

The second season is available on iPlayer, and it is packed full of nail-biting moments and breath-taking routines – it’s well worth a watch.

Flesh and Bone – Amazon Prime Video

With an age rating of 15+, Flesh and Bone deals with some mature themes that aren’t suitable for younger viewers. This gritty series follows Claire, a fresh recruit to the New York City Ballet Company. You can expect a lot of drama and glamour from this show. Claire has to figure out how to make it as a professional dancer, with the dysfunction that can come along with it. With elements of the Black Swan, it unflinchingly scrutinizes the dark side of ballet – but shows some of the beauty of it, too.

Shake It Up – Disney+

For younger dancers, this comedy follows two friends (played by Bella Thorne and Zendaya) as they become background dancers on a dance show, Shake It Up Chicago. It doesn’t focus fully on dance, instead following the characters as they navigate their new levels of fame and popularity, but it’s a fun refreshing watch for kids.

Bonus – Dance Shows on Marquee TV

Marquee TV is a streaming service that showcases recorded dance and theatre shows. With the option of ballet or contemporary dance, there are many beautiful shows to watch on Marquee TV – so if you’re willing to try it, you may find some inspiration and beauty during lockdown.