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Because there are so many benefits to children taking dance lessons, parents often want to get them into the lessons as soon as possible.  But different classes will have age restrictions on and there are good reasons for these. So, what is the right age to start dance lessons?

When can children start dancing lessons?

Dancing lessons tend to be less formal and don’t use advanced postures or complicated steps.  That’s because children’s bones are not yet fully developed and anything too strenuous could risk an injury.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t start dancing lessons at a very young age.

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The aim here isn’t to make the child a brilliant dancer.  It is to help them see if they develop a love for dancing that could lead to more formal dance lessons.  They will learn some basic choreography, a routine of dance to get the hang of following the instructions.  They will also learn some basic musicality and if they take to this.

Children will start formal dance lessons from around the age of six, depending on the type of dance.  They will still be classed as beginners, even if they have taken classes before this and will be taught all the fundamentals of dance.  The aim is to make lessons more technical but not always more physically demanding.

What age can children start ballet lessons?

In most cases, children as young as two or three can start a type of ballet lesson.  These are usually known as pre-ballet classes because they are aimed at working on some of the skills that are needed when full ballet classes come around.

For the youngest children, these will look at areas such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Learning to move in time with the music playing
  • A few basic ballet steps

As children’s bones grow, they must be protected which is why it is essential to find a professional ballet teacher who can pass on the love of ballet and start their ballet training without causing injury. Jade Harrison School of Dance follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and Jade is a RAD registered ballet teacher.

Is a child ready for ballet lessons?

Another point to consider is whether a child is ready for ballet lessons.  Most experts will say that ballet dancers are made rather than being ‘born to it’ and some of the biggest names in ballet didn’t start lessons until they were ten or older.

The important part here is to use your judgement and also to make use of things like taster sessions and trial periods.  Even if a child is old enough to start ballet lessons, it doesn’t mean they are ready for the work involved, the competitions, the requirements of the lessons or even physically.  That’s why it is important to combine an ideal age with being ready for the lessons before beginning in earnest.