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For a ballet dancer, the ballet bag never leaves their side and goes to every dance related event with them. That’s because it contains their most important items but also a range of secondary items that might just be needed. So what should you have in your ballet bag?

Dance shoes

It goes without saying that the most important thing in your ballet bag is your ballet shoes, but it is worth having more than one pair. Professional ballet dances will often have a couple of worn pairs but also a couple of new pairs in case they are needed. Dancers can go through two or three pairs during a class and then repair them afterwards.

Repair kit for your shoes

While general repairs can wait until after, if you have a shoe emergency it is a good idea to have a kit on you to deal with it. this will often include a small sewing bag with needles, threads and scissors. A few extra lengths of ribbon or elastics if the shoes have them.

Flat shoes

As well as your pointe shoes, you also want to have a pair of flat shoes for the times when you don’t need the pointe shoes. Preparing for barre work is often done in flat shoes so it helps to have them with you at all times.

Foot protection gear

A small selection of items to protect the feet are also important. Plasters are always in there and things like toe pads, tow dividers, tape and even water spray to soften new pointe shoes are worth adding to the bag.

Extra tights and leotard

It is worth taking extras of the essentials that you wear to class or to perform because, under those lights, the heat can lead to excessive sweating. Or you might encounter tears, runs or stains so having spares is very important.

Selection of skirts

Having more than one skirt can be handy if you don’t know exactly what you will be practising or performing during the class. Having skirts that allow you different levels of movement can be a great idea and mean you are prepared for all situations.

Hair accessories

Having your hair just right is a practical thing for ballet dancers as it keeps it restrained and in place as well as looking great. But hair bands can break, and barrettes can snap so it is worth taking a supply of hair accessories to handle any failures – and a can of hairspray for those unruly strands.

Cosmetics bag

Like the hair accessories, it is a good idea to carry a small bag of essential cosmetics to help restore your makeup or change your look a little if required. Add things like a small container of Vaseline, a nail file and a hairbrush to finish your kit.